Dragon Age 4 Development Team Is “Making Progress”

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BioWare have been quietly working on Dragon Age 4 for some time, but neither BioWare nor EA have said much about the game. And while it will probably still be a while before we hear anything concrete about it, recently, executive producer Mark Darrah took to Twitter to share some brief new details.

Following reiterating the obvious – that the game is in development – Darrah noted that BioWare is working on the game remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic, before adding that development under work-from-home requirements has been “harder”. Nonetheless, Darrah said that the development team is “making progress” on the upcoming RPG.

Dragon Age 4 was first officially unveiled at The Game Awards in December 2018, but updates on the game have been scant since then. Reports in early 2019 unveiled possible new details on the game’s development, including scrapped ideas during production, possible plans for multiplayer, and the game being built on Anthem’s codebase. Towards the end of 2019, EA said that Dragon Age 4 would probably be releasing after fiscal year 2021-22.

I realize that most of you are here for Dragon Age news and there hasn't been a lot of that lately…
Let me just run down some things I an say:
1. We are working on the next Dragon Age
2. Yes we are working from home
3. Working from home is harder
4. We are making progress

— Mark Darrah (@BioMarkDarrah) July 22, 2020

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