Vulgord’s Tower Steam release date announced

Vulgord’s Tower

Vulgord’s Tower, a new tabletop simulation game, was successfully financed on Kickstarter and will launch on Steam later this summer.

Vulgord’s Tower is a turn-based strategy game created by father and son team Brian and Gage Magar. When Gage was eleven years old, the pair began work on Vulgord’s Tower and spent nearly four years developing the game together.

Their story recently caught the attention of local media, which aided in the success of the Kickstarter campaign and the addition of new content to the game. We covered the game earlier this year.

What’s the game about?

In Vulgord’s Tower, players move through four realms on the board, collecting keys to unlock each realm before entering the tower. Players must amass an army large enough to defeat Vulgord by accumulating gold and warriors, upgrading their attacks, and battling enemies – all while racing their opponents to be the first to enter the tower.

The game offers two different play modes: a single-player gameplay mode and a multiplayer gameplay mode of 1 to 4 players. Vulgord’s Tower has card-based battle mechanics with tabletop board game simulation and a turn-based strategy gameplay.
Purchase and cast spells from the Wizard Tower to sabotage your opponents to trigger random events: some good, some bad. You will have to battle enemies to collect gold, warriors, and keys so you can unlock attacks and purchase upgrades in the Bazaar.

Acquire keys to travel through the four realms and to enter the tower and race your friends and opponents to be the first to enter the tower. In the outer realms you can reveal hidden Easter Eggs from the studio, retro games and pop culture.
After you purchase the game on Steam, you can download the soundtrack for free. Also, when the game launches on August 10, you can unlock up to 50 Steam achievements.

In addition to PC, Vulgord’s Tower is also coming to Mac OS via Steam. The game launches on August 10, 2021.

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