War of Ashird’s Collector’s Edition Available via Additional Crowdfunding

War of Ashird Collector's Edition

Igdrasil Studio have announced that War of Ashird’s collector’s edition is still available via crowdfunding.

We had previously reported how Kumiho Soft had cancelled their Kickstarter with the intention to relaunch it. The reason was not elaborated upon, other than “mistakes” being made early in the project, which would be difficult to fix while the crowdfunding progressed.

The Kickstarter was later relaunched, being fully funded within 12 hours, and eventually raised $201,199 USD. The campaign initially just had three stretch goals, with more to be revealed later.

Completed stretch goals include a bonus location with 10 additional hours of gameplay, expanding the castle management system, a crafting system, new events for the player’s personal maid, three additional generic units, two additional playable characters, 10 hidden items, a Demonic Route for New Game+, and a prologue chapter.

However, users can still support the game with further crowdfunding via PayPal. As shown on the Kickstarter page and the linked page on Kumiho Soft’s website, users can still donate and receive backer rewards.

These include HD wallpaper, Discord server role, a digital copy of the game, a digital artbook, a digital version of the soundtrack, free DLC, a backer-exclusive demo, a digital version of the “Wonderland of Ashird” artbook by Satchely, a Kickstarter-exclusive physical version, the backer’s name appearing in the in-game Hall of Fame, extra items, naming a soldier, and access to a private Discord channel to talk with the developers.

Two tiers (at $120 USD, $160 USD, and $320 USD) include the game’s Collector’s Edition. These come with a Collector’s box, along with physical version of the game, soundtrack, Wonderland of Ashird artbook, and a thank-you letter from the developers. The second tier offers everything above digitally, free DLC, and the backer-demo. The final version offers all of the above, along with being able to name a soldier, 3 in-game items, the Grand Backer Discord role, and the private Discord channel.

War of Ashird launches 2021 on Windows PC (via Steam), and 2022 on Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4.

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