We Can See A Glimpse Of Steam Deck’s Preorder Numbers Due To HTML Hole

Today at 12pm CT, the Steam Deck became available for reservation. The Steam Deck is similar to the Nintendo Switch in appearance, and it will give people the opportunity to play PC games on the go. This could be revolutionary for those who have always wanted to play PC games but preferred console format.

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Unfortunately, with the Steam Deck in such high demand, there were issues galore today with trying to place a reservation. On the one hand, many people were encountering unexplained error messages, prompting them to continuously reload the page and try again. Even worse were the number of people who were informed that their Steam account was “too new” to be able to place a reservation, despite the fact that they’ve had the same Steam account for many years.

After today’s frustrating fiasco, we’re now seeing some of the numbers shared from an insider. According to SteamDB Creator, Pavel Djundik, over 110,000 preorders were placed across North America, the UK, and the EU. This number does not include sales for the cheapest version of the Steam Deck.

The 512GB model of the Steam Deck accounted for 71,600 of those preorders, with 55,000 of those coming from North America. 33,000 of the preorders went to the 265GB model, with 28,000 of those from North America.

The Steam Deck is still available for reservation, though the 512GB models are now allowing reservations for orders to be placed all the way in Q2 2022.

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