Will Call of Duty games be coming to Xbox Game Pass?

With the announcement of Activision and Blizzard joining the Microsoft family, you might wonder where many of the larger games will be headed. For example, a massive game franchise owned by Activision is Call of Duty. There are multiple Call of Duty games in the franchise, and each year a brand new one arrives, building on the previous ones. With Microsoft’s purchase of Activision, will Call of Duty games be coming to Xbox Game Pass?

At this time, no direct confirmation or official announcement has been made about Call of Duty and if it will be available on Xbox Game Pass. We also don’t know if Call of Duty will become an Xbox exclusive moving forward. However, what little knowledge we know has to do with Microsoft’s purchase of Bethesda, which happened in 2021.

Shortly after the deal had been confirmed and Bethesda joined Xbox, many of Bethesda’s popular games made their way over to the Xbox Game Pass. These titles included Wolfenstein, Doom, Dishonored, The Evil Within, Fallout, Elder Scrolls, and others. Given this experience, it’s not unreasonable to expect to see Call of Duty games being made available on the Xbox Game Pass in the future. What games Xbox Game Pass owners will receive is up in the air, but we should expect to see a few classics arriving and even some more modern games.

For now, we do not have an official announcement from Activision, Xbox, or Microsoft about if Call of Duty games are coming to Game Pass. However, if Xbox follows the same pattern with Activision as with Bethesda, this answer could become a solid yes.

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