Wonder Boy – Asha in Monster World Announced, Launches Early 2021 for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4

Wonder Boy - Asha in Monster World

Wonder Boy – Asha in Monster World has been announced, developed by STUDIOARTDINK and ININ Games.

IGN reports . This also includes members of the original Wonder Boy creative team; such as series creator Ryuichi Nishizawa who will be directing, composer Shinichi Sakamoto producing the game’s sounds, character designer Maki Ozora, and creative manager Takanori Kurihara.

Details are scant, other than the game’s protagonist Asha being the same as the protagonist from Wonder Boy IV. She is aided by Pepelogoo- the small blue creature that can apparently fly- with the pair on a quest to save the world. The game will be fully voiced, with Asha and other characters described as “lively and talkative.”

The game’s teaser website and mailing list are now live. The game’s full reveal is set for August 29th during Gamescom’s Awesome Indies showcase.

Wonder Boy – Asha in Monster World launches early 2021 for Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4.

Image: IGN Spain

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