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Sci-fi fans looking for an action-packed title can look no further than Bungie‘s Destiny 2. Thanks to its fast-paced combat and flexible classes, players can start playing for the story and stay for the endgame. Moreover, the game offers a healthy amount of team-based content for players to enjoy. These come in the form of raids as well as competitive team-versus-team matches that test the skill of players in the endgame. Moreover, the game also offers free events that encourage players to stay and participate for rare rewards.

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In the case of August 2020, Destiny 2 officially begins the Solstice of Heroes. Despite the limited time frame, this free event will not only give players a Rare armor set, but they may also partake in quests that can upgrade this set into a Legendary armor set. Aside from this awesome giveaway, what else should players know about the Solstice of Heroes?

10 Timed, Annual Event


Unlike Seasons that last around 10 Weeks or around three months, the Solstice of Heroes serves as an annual Summer Event. As such, players can only access its perks and rewards for a limited time. This year’s Solstice of Heroes began on August 11 and will end on September 8. Moreover, players who are just now learning about the Solstice of Heroes should probably head to the game and try to do all the activities ASAP.

They can begin by going to the Tower, or the primary social hub on top of the Last City. Interestingly, they might notice a slight makeover in the Tower to mark the celebration. Lastly, players should use this opportunity to get the new gear especially now that Destiny 2‘s “Vaulting” will close off a lot of classic areas and raids.

9 Meet Eva, New Items, Zones


Thanks to Solstice of Heroes, players will encounter not just a new Tower, but new activities as well. For instance, players can head to the Eververse store to get new cosmetic items for Guardians. Moreover, they can enjoy new Elemental Buffs that work well within the European Aerial Zone (EAZ), a new area exclusive to the Event. Lastly, finishing all the available activities will give players new Moments of Triumph, adding a new spice to their gameplay experience.

Players can access all these perks through Eva Levante, the Guardian Outfitter from Destiny. As with her previous backstory, she returns not as an outfitter but rather as an organizer of seasonal events. Interestingly, players may want to participate in Solstice of Heroes for the new armor set they’ll be getting as well. Not only is this armor free, but they can upgrade its classification and add an awesome glow at the end of the quest chain.

8 About That Glowy Armor


Who doesn’t want free items? Thanks to Solstice of Heroes, players can get an armor set absolutely for free! Moreover, players can also partake in various challenges that increase the armor’s power level until the new Solstice event in 2021. Players can take note of the power level of their item as they come in stages: Drained, Renewed, and finally Majestic. Moreover, players can finish the more difficult Magnificent last stage in order to give their armor that majestic glow.

However, players need to note that while they can finish the Magnificent stage at any on, they only have until the end of the Solstice of Heroes to upgrade their set to Majestic. Moreover, these steps vary per class, so they should take note of which armor they want to level up first. Thankfully, the grind to Magnificent is much simpler than last year but still needs players to complete Strikes or do the fastest Adventures.

7 Don’t Remove The Armor Just Yet


Players who learn that upgrading the new armor sets require finishing a few challenges might want to get in their best gear. However, it’s important to remember that progress for the new armor only works if players wear at least one armor piece. As such, it’s recommended for players to just keep on wearing their new armor throughout the duration of the event.

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Interestingly, finishing one class set will increase the time it takes to finish the one for your next character. For instance, finishing the Renewed and Majestic upgrades will double the progress for your next character’s objectives. Lastly, finishing these sets on your second character will triple the progression on your third character. Thankfully, players with extra time may be able to complete these sets in no time.

6 Daily Elemental Buffs


Players who love participating in the Crucible and other raids will enjoy Solstice of Heroes’ daily rotational elemental buffs. In general, the game buffs Void, Solar, or Arc powers throughout the entire day. Moreover, players who down enemies with element-based attacks will gain a random Elemental Orb. The awesome thing here is that collecting 30 Orbs of the element that matches the daily rotation will give players a massive boost.

For instance, Arc-empowered Guardians will deal greater Sword and melee damage, as well as enjoy enhanced speed. Meanwhile, Solar-empowered Guardians will emit a wave of energy that deals decent AOE to all enemies surrounding the player. Lastly, Void-empowered Guardians can enjoy enhanced ability regeneration, Truesight, and invisibility while crouching.

5 Get Better Loot


As with other annual activities, Destiny 2‘s Solstice of Heroes offers a special currency called Solstice Key Fragments that unlock Solstice Packages. Like in other games, opening Solstice Packages grant players new armor upgrades and gear that may suit their fancy. Thankfully, getting Solstice Key Fragments and Solstice Packages aren’t very difficult.

For instance, players can acquire both Key Fragments and Packages from EAZ runs which require players to defeat certain mini-bosses on the map. Players get a special hidden chest for each mini-boss they kill, as well as another chest if they take down the final boss.

4 Become Familiar With The EAZ


As mentioned, EAZ runs easily become the fastest way to earn Solstice Packages and Solstice Key Fragments. And while EAZ runs sound simple, the vastness of the EAZ might make hunting mini-bosses a bit overwhelming. After all, players generally have just three minutes to kill multiple mini-bosses before engaging the final boss.

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As such, they should take note of the spawn locations of the mini-bosses as they tend to be the same area. Moreover, players should maximize the teleporters around the EAZ as this brings them to the center of the map quickly.

3 Get The Packages Anyway


Players might not like the Solstice Packages. However, players who want to finish the Solstice of Heroes events would want to get them anyway. After all, one of the requirements to upgrade the armor sets will eventually force players to open 10 Solstice Packages.

If players don’t want to partake in the EAZ to get the armor sets, they should complete Crucible matches and Strikes to relive the Guardian’s glory days. Moreover, players should remember that it only takes 15 Key Fragments to open a Package. However, if players have spare Key Fragments, they should save it for their next armor set for another class.

2 Sounds, Lights For The Fans


Interestingly, players won’t just get new armor sets and loot throughout the Solstice of Heroes event. In fact, players who finish “The Solstice Begins” quest will get a Solstice of Heroes music track all for free.

Moreover, fans with a flair for the aesthetic will want to watch out for Universal Ornament sets. These sets can transform any Legendary armor into Solstice armor and get a glow that changes depending on the player’s subclass. As such, this is a nifty way to add a stylish element to Crucible matches and other raids.

1 An Interesting History


Players might not immediately realize that the Solstice of Heroes event actually commemorates their accomplishments throughout the history of Destiny 2. Ikora Rey notes that the Solstice of Heroes serves as a time of reflection on the Guardian’s accomplishments. Moreover, this event serves as the way the Last City celebrates the victory of the Guardians and the Traveler’s return after the Red War.

In this time of meditation, Guardians are encouraged to go to the EAZ and lay waste to forces of the Hive, Fallen, and Cabal who wish to claim it.

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