Final Fantasy XIV’s The Dark Throne update launches in May, Blue Mage level cap increase


Final Fantasy XIV’s latest update, 6.4, will be called The Dark Throne. Square Enix will be dropping this update sometime in May, and there is set to be a massive push of content that players have come to expect alongside these massive events, adding new Main Scenario Quests, the final set of raids for the Pandæmonium series, Trials, side stories, and more Island Sanctuary updates. The most significant announcement was the level increase for Blue Mage jobs, increasing to level 80.

These announcements appeared during the 76th Producer live broadcast, where producer and Director Naoki Yoshida revealed these plans. So far, the team has only shared that the 6.4 Update is scheduled to appear sometime in late May, and we should expect an exact release date closer to that point.

Final Fantasy XIV’s 6.4 update adds Main Scenario Quest, raids, and much more

There will be a new set of Main Scenario Quests for players to complete, where players can dive deeper into their Warrior of Light journey. After that, those who have already caught up can begin the story, and those who have yet to reach this point have until late May to prepare. The new dungeon, Aetherfont, will also arrive with the Main Scenario Quests. For players eager to increase their equipment level, the final installment of Pandæmonium raids, named Anabaseios, will also launch, likely including four boss encounters for players to complete alongside a party.

#FFXIV Patch 6.4: The Dark Throne is scheduled to arrive late May!

— FINAL FANTASY XIV (@FF_XIV_EN) March 31, 2023

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The Blue Mage Job level increase is going up to 80, and that means players can expect to find more mage-exclusive gear for their characters, and they will need to track down more enemies to challenge and learn their skills. We’ll be able to learn more about what to expect as we draw closer to May, but it’s an exciting time for all Blue Mages in Final Fantasy XIV.

A handful of smaller changes will also be introduced in this update, such as an Ocean Fishing update, quality-of-life improvements, more furniture added to the Island Sanctuary, Allagan tomestone updates, and several updates to the market board.

In addition, those who are behind the current update should have plenty of time to catch up and prepare for the next set of Raid and Dungeon challenges.

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