Warzone and Vanguard season two has been delayed until February 14


Announced yesterday via a Tweet from Call of Duty’s official account, Call of Duty: Vanguard and Warzone are having their season two updates pushed back until February 14. The reason given is that the current state of the game takes priority and requires more time to work on, especially in regards to polish, game stability, bugs, and gameplay optimisation.

This news comes at a time when players are somewhat up in arms regarding the state of the game. A quick trip to the Warzone subreddit will show numerous posts complaining about some aspect of the game, usually cheaters or functionality on specific platforms. On the Vanguard subreddit, it’s a similar scene. Seemingly sharing concerns about certain parts of these games, it appears the developers wish to squash some of these issues before steaming ahead.

It’s worth noting some context regarding the QA department at Raven Software in particular, who remain on strike since a series of layoffs back in January. As reported by Launcher, the player base (including some of the game’s largest content creators) are starting to feel fed up with these issues. With roughly sixty QA contractors remaining away from the game, you can start to see why it’s taking longer for the game to meet expectations regarding quality.

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