Fortnite aliens: how to get alien weapons and fly UFOs

Fortnite aliens: how to get alien weapons and fly UFOs

Want to know where to find the Fortnite alien weapons? There have been plenty of big changes to Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7, but one of the most prominent additions to the battle royale game are the UFOs floating around certain parts of the map. They can pull you in with their tractor beam, blast you with their weapons, or even ram you with their boost ability.

Thankfully, we can use this alien technology for ourselves – you can pinch a UFOs and take it for a ride, or get yourself one of the four new Fortnite alien weapons? They’re known in-game as IO weapons, as it’s likely that the IO agents and aliens have conspired to create this new tech. While they can be found in chests, they’re more reliably found at higher rarities on the bodies of either IO agents or on aliens that you have shot down.

So we’ll be going over where you can find these Fortnite alien weapons, what they can do, and how to pilot your very own UFO efficiently to give any enemy player you spot a close encounter with your very own vehicle of the extraterrestrial kind.

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