The best Fortnite skins in Chapter 2 Season 7

The best Fortnite skins in Chapter 2 Season 7

Want to know what the best Fortnite skins in Chapter 2 Season 7 are? The latest season of Fortnite is finally here, and with it comes a host of changes to the game as well as plenty of new skins. You can create your own alien breed of Kymera, acquire new alien weapons, and experiment with the updated crafting system. Remember silenced SMGs? You’ll need to find some nuts and bolts to craft these formerly vaulted weapons.

Fortnite was no stranger to crossover characters prior to Chapter 2, but Epic really kicked things up a gear with the introduction of the bounty hunters in Season 5. The Mandalorian plus Grogu, Predator, and even Ellen Ripley from Alien have all made their debut in the battle royale game. Season 6 took things a step further, throwing Neymar and Lara Croft into the fray.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the amount of characters Epic adds to Fortnite – if you’ve taken a break from the game and want to know who has been added this season, we’ve got you covered. Season 5 introduced seven new series to Fortnite every few weeks, so expect to see some new crossovers very soon.

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