Gears Of War 6 is next game from The Coalition after two games cancelled

Gears Tactics – it won’t be the last Gears game (pic: Microsoft)

New rumours suggest that Gears 6 is already underway at developer The Coalition, and that Wolverine could be out in 2024.

There’s been a lot of talk about Halo in the last few weeks but there’s hardly been a word spoken about Gears Of War since the release of Gears 5 in 2019 and strategy spin-off Gears Tactics in 2020.

Although they also helped out with The Matrix Awakens tech demo, and Halo Infinite, Gears Tactics was the last full game by Canadian developer The Coalition, and while it’s been natural to assume they’d also be working on Gears 6 there’s never been any confirmation.

There still isn’t, but insider Jeff Grubb claims that is now their next game, but only because two other projects they were working on got cancelled.

It’s not clear what these other projects were but back in 2021 one of the studio’s lead designers said they were working on a new IP. There’s also been long-standing rumours of a Gears Of War remaster collection, which matches with the idea The Collation’s other game was a smaller project.

The cancellations are supposedly a consequence of the recent mass layoffs at Microsoft and while Grubb claims that The Coalition was only affected ‘a little bit’ it seems as if Microsoft is tightening its belt anyway.

‘The studio is now going to move on fully to Gears 6,’ said Grubb in a Twitch stream. ‘I say now, it has likely moved on to Gears 6 in full over the course of the last year, but definitely, that will be their next game.’

In the same podcast, Grubb also talked about Insomniacs’ Wolverine game, stating that it will be a ‘hard R’ – a reference to American age ratings for movies and implying the game will be extremely gory.

He also describes it as ‘semi-open world’ which is extremely vague but perhaps brings to mind the likes of God Of War or Tomb Raider.

That’s been suggested before but there continues to be confusion as to when the game will be released, with some sources claiming it’s years away and others suggesting it will be much sooner.

According to Grubb it could be out as early as autumn 2024, although it might easily slip into 2025. Given how secretive Sony has been with Spider-Man 2 though that doesn’t guarantee it’ll be shown this year.


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