Ghost of Tsushima: Legends is Now Live

ghost of tsushima legends

Sucker Punch’s massive new update for Ghost of Tsushima, which adds the co-op mode Legends, is now live. This allows players to choose from one of four classes, whether it’s fighting from afar as the Hunter or battling up-close as the Samurai. To celebrate the release, the PlayStation Blog offers some tips on staying alive, effectively gaining experience and gear, and having fun.

Taking place in a more fictionalized version of Tsushima, which has various demonic enemies roaming about, Legends features two kinds of content. There are two player co-op missions which are more story-focused and four-player survival missions with waves of enemies. In the near future, a four-person raid will also be released.

For those interested in single-player, the same update has brought New Game Plus. This adds a new horse, new Charms, and a new merchant selling more intricate dyes for customization (which require a new currency to unlock). There are also new upgrade paths for weapons and equipment along with armor loadouts.

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