GoNNER 2 Out on October 22nd


Art in Hearts’ GoNNER 2 releases on October 22nd, according to the developer and publisher Raw Fury. It will be available on Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch while also launching on Xbox Game Pass. It will arrive for PS4 and Xbox Game Pass for PC down the line.

GoNNER 2 follows the first game and sees Ikk helping death after a strange presence invades his lair. This means more crazy (and aesthetically appealing) colors and procedurally generated environments to go with the roguelike platforming action. Levels are nonlinear, meaning you can plot your own path throughout all of the madness.

Players can also unlock new guns and upgrades along with new heads. There are various secrets and mysteries to discover, though what exactly those are remains to be seen. Check out the release date announcement trailer below for a better idea of the gameplay and stay tuned for more details on GoNNER 2 in the coming week.

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