Guide: How To Complete All Xbox Game Pass Quests In 2023

Have you heard of Xbox Game Pass Quests? For subscribers to the service, they’re a great way of earning extra money while trying out some different games. In this article, you’ll find guides for completing the game-specific Xbox Game Pass Quests every single week, helping you to maximise your Microsoft Rewards points in 2023.

What are Xbox Game Pass Quests?

Xbox Game Pass Quests is a branch of Microsoft Rewards that allows you to earn redeemable points by completing various Xbox and Game Pass related objectives. These points can then be used to acquire various gift cards, such as Xbox and Microsoft currency, as well as competition entries and charity donations. It’s basically like completing Achievements, but for real money.

These quests come in three varieties — daily, weekly and monthly. Below, you’ll find some guides to help you tackle some of the currently most challenging Quests for the week commencing 21st March, 2023.

How To Complete March 2023’s Quests

A Plague Tale: Requiem – Play The Game (21/03 – 28/03)

This is one of those Quests we all love! All you need to do is start the game.

  • Difficulty Rating: 1 out of 5
  • Time To Complete: 1 min
  • Available on xCloud? Yes
  • Rewards Points: 5

Cities: Skylines Xbox One Edition – Pass 100 Days (21/03 – 28/03)

Note: The video above is courtesy of Rewards Hunter on YouTube.

We’ve seen a variant of this Quest before, and the only difference this time around is that instead of 50 days, you need to pass 100 days.

Keep in mind that you need to use the Xbox One version of Cities: Skylines here, rather than the new Remastered version for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

At the time of this Quest going live, it was being advertised for 25 points rather than the usual 250. This turned out to be a mistake, and it has since been corrected to 250 points.

Here’s a method to help you complete this Quest:

  • Difficulty Rating: 2 out of 5
  • Time To Complete: 5 to 10 mins
  • Available on xCloud? Yes
  • Rewards Points: 250

How are you getting on with March 2023’s Xbox Game Pass Quests? Give us your tips and tricks in the comments below, and feel free to support our site by stocking up on Game Pass subscriptions using the links below.

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