Hyper Scape Details Limited Time Hack Runner Mode In New Trailer

hyper scape

When it comes right down to it, everyone wants a piece of that battle royale pie, and Ubisoft is no exception. Their latest jump into the genre is Hyper Scape. The game has a pretty interesting setting of a sort of game within a game, where people play through the Hyper Scape to either escape the harsh realities of a terrible near future, or to win fame and fortune (you can check out the cinematic reveal trailer through here). Many battle royale shooters have come and gone, so it remains to be seen where this attempt will land, but it seems they’re going to try a lot of things to keep in the mindset.

Today, Ubisoft revealed that the game will get a new mode called Hack Runner. This mode will provide a new challenge for you as your hacks are randomized every two minutes, meaning you have to learn on the fly and brings a new set of chaos to the battle. You can check out the trailer for it below.

Hyper Scape is available free to play now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Hack Runner will go live on July 28th.

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