Iron Conflict Gameplay Teaser Trailer

Iron Conflict

Imperium Interactive Entertainment Limited have released a gameplay teaser trailer for Angela Game’s upcoming RTS, Iron Conflict.

Iron Conflict is a competitive online RTS that focuses on 10v10 battles. Each player picks a selection of three units and coordinate with their team to complete objectives on randomly generated maps.

Iron Conflict features hundreds of real tanks, planes, and other vehicles from the post-WWII era, up to the modern day. You can find the teaser trailer below.

You can find a rundown of the game (via Steam) below:

Iron Conflict is an online competitive real-time strategy game based on modern military warfare. In this game, players create squads composed of 3 distinctive and authentic machines of war and fight on randomized battlefields supporting matches of up to 10v10 players. Join your allies and form a fighting force to wage battle against your enemies on land and in the air!

Real Weapons of War
Iron Conflict features military vehicles from the end of World War II up to the present. Crush the enemy with the Type 99A2 tank, or fly the unfriendly skies in the F-35 Lightning II.

Deep, Immersive Gameplay
Each of the vehicles in the game has its own unique controls and playstyle. Players can choose to play from a more global perspective, or directly micromanage their units to maximize their effectiveness.

An Ever-changing Tactical Situation
Players are able to choose their three combat units to form a squad that matches their own playstyle, or complements the tactics and strategies of their teammates.

Fight Epic Battles on the Ground and in the Air
Iron Conflict supports 10v10 online matches in which 60 units take to the large-scale battlefields to wage war against one another. These battlefields are randomly generated so that no two matches are exactly alike, and victory is never certain.

United We Stand, Divided We Fall
Only when players work together and communicate with one another in the ever-changing tactical situation will the glory of victory be theirs.

Iron Conflict enters Early Access in Q3 2020 for Windows PC via Steam.

Image: Steam

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