Lost Ark South Vern: hidden quests and Una’s Tasks

Lost Ark South Vern: hidden quests and Una’s Tasks

Want to know more about Lost Ark South Ark? The MMO game is open for exploration, and while Smilegate might have delayed some of the new continent’s activities, there’s still plenty to get on with. South Vern introduces a brand-new storyline, along with several new Una Tasks, two separate post-campaign stories, new rapport NPCs and rewards, hidden quests, and more.

Some of these activities are intertwined and have vague prerequisites, though they all offer excellent rewards for players who manage to see them through to the end. Getting to Lost Ark South Vern may have to wait depending on how diligent you’ve been in your item level grinding, though. The level requirement for the initial quest to trigger is rather steep, so check out our Lost Ark leveling guide if you want to improve your character.

You may want to grind some of the free Ark Pass missions to get the honing materials needed for higher item levels. It’s potentially easier and more rewarding than challenging the sole Chaos Dungeon added in this latest update. Here’s everything you need to get started in Lost Ark South Vern,

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