Matthew McConaughey to star in Exodus – his first ever video game

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First look at Matthew McConaughey’s Exodus – is it Interstellar: The Game? (Picture: YouTube)

The Game Awards has seen the reveal trailer for Exodus, a Mass Effect style role-player with Matthew McConaughey as the main character.

There were a lot of movie personalities at The Game Awards this year, as director Jordan Peele was brought on stage when Hideo Kojima announced his horror game OD, plus appearances from Marvel actors Anthony Mackie and Simu Liu.

Matthew McConaughey also made an appearance, for new game Exodus, with the Interstellar star helping to announce the sci-fi role-playing game, which will count as his video game debut.

Exodus is also developer Archetype Entertainment’s first release, a new studio owned by Dungeons & Dragons publisher Wizard Of The Coast and made up of veterans of BioWare, 343 Industries, Naughty Dog, and others.

The reveal trailer is over two minutes long and focuses on the story of the game: a humans versus aliens love story set in space.

You wouldn’t think it’s a role-playing game based on the reveal trailer – more like a straight third person shooter – but there’s definitely a Mass Effect vibe going on, as well as plenty of interesting looking weapons and gadgets.

However, it’s difficult to shed the thought that this is just meant to be Interstellar: The Game, with not only McConaughey on board but the plot revolving around time dilation. ‘It was only days for me, but an entire life time for her,’ says McConaughey’s character at one point.

Although the specifics of what’s going on actually sounds more like Disney’s Lightyear movie.

Exodus will launch on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC, but there’s no indication of when exactly – not even a year.

The Exodus website describes it is an AAA game and adds: ‘Having fled a dying Earth, humanity has found a new home in a hostile galaxy. Here, we are the underdogs, fighting our final battle for survival. You are the Traveler, humanity’s last hope.’

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