Need for Speed Unbound: What is Heat and How to Lose It

Need for Speed Unbound is the latest game in the Need for Speed series, and dare I say, it’s also one of the better games in the series I’ve played. But I’ll save that for our upcoming review, and instead, we’re here to talk about HEAT.

Heat is just how much attention you’ll draw from the police that are roaming around the city and countryside. This is indicated by the flame at the top of your screen.

Take a look at the screenshot below, which indicates what Heat brings to the game, and how it affects your game.

There are five levels or tiers of heat in Need for Speed Unbound.

  • 1 – Police will notice you but won’t chase you much.
  • 2 – Police are actively looking for you, but aren’t that determined.
  • 3 – Police are quite aware of you and will give chase. It’s important to note that at this level, chases will involve multiple police and can quickly turn into heat level four.
  • 4 – You’re pretty much screwed at this point. The police are relentless, have multiple ground units, and will also pull out a helicopter.
  • 5 – This is the end game. The police will give chase, will involve multiple units, including much faster and tougher units that will force you off the road. There will be two helicopters in the air as well. If you escape, the police will still actively look for you. At this point, it’s nearly impossible to get past the police without turning into another massive chase.

Once you have passed heat level two, you’ll need to figure out what you can do to lower your level, and allow you to progress in the game. While the police are actively chasing you, you can’t access the higher-end reward missions, enter events, or garages/hideouts. Thankfully, there are multiple ways you can do this.

Make your way to the safe house

The best way to lower your heat level is to make your way to the safe house. If you make your way to the safe house at the end of every session, this will reset the heat level to zero. The downside is that you end the session and move along to the next day, while losing out on possible money-making opportunities.

Escaping from a police chase

If you can escape from a police chase, you can also lower your heat level. It won’t completely lower your heat level to zero, it does help.

Let the police catch you

Now, while no self-representing Need for Speed Unbound player will let themselves get caught by the popo, it’s easily the best way to lower your heat level. Anytime the police catch you, your heat level drops, but you also lose any money you’ve won during the day/night. This is why turning in your money as soon as possible makes sense. But at least the police don’t impound your car.

Just make sure you don’t have any money on you when you turn yourself in.

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