New ten-minute Outriders video dives into the game’s campaign





As promised, Square Enix has delivered a video that dives into the gameplay of Outriders.

The latest Outriders video presents an in-depth look at the campaign, sidequests, companions, and travel system. Plus, the video also reveals several new environments and enemy types.

Square Enix describes Outriders as a “massive experience, not just in terms of the hours of gameplay it will offer but in how far you travel in the course of the game’s dark sci-fi story.”

Here are some more details:

The campaign will take you on an epic journey across Enoch, a savage world where everything has mysteriously hyper-evolved to wipe Humanity from the face of the planet. From the lives and secrets within the Human colony, to the mysterious jungles and unforgiving deserts, you will explore the far reaches of the frontiers, gain incredible powers, and make discoveries that will change everything.

In addition, the publisher also announced the musical talent behind the game’s original soundtrack. Square has brought on Emmy winner and three-time BAFTA nominee Inon Zur. Zur’s prior work includes the music from over 50 games, including Men of Valor and Dragon Age: Origins.

Outriders comes from People Can Fly. They are the same developers behind Gears of War: Judgment and Bulletstorm. The game is coming to PC via Steam, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X this holiday season.

Watch the new video below!

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