SCP: Ground Zero has players hunting for an artifact while dealing with SCPs

SCP Ground Zero

Developer Nikk F. has announced their first-person horror game, SCP: Ground Zero has exited early access.

The game, which first launched in early access back in 2020, is a game based on the extensive lore of the SCP foundation. During its development, the game was subtitled as Nukalypse, and its dev changed its subtitle to Ground Zero in 2021.

Here’s a rundown of the game via its Steam page:


You play as Agent Fields, a spy designated to retrieve an artifact from a secret underground facility. – filled with anomalous entities that want you dead.
Make sure you listen to your superior officers when dealing with these anomalies.

In the event of a breach, Special Forces are to be sent to the site as soon as possible. All subjects apart from site faculty are to be terminated.
That concludes this meeting. Please note down all important info.

SCP: Ground Zero is now available on Windows PC (via Steam).

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