Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Gets a Major Update

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp has been on mobile since 2017 and amassed a rather loyal following during that time. Although not quite as robust as any of the mainline entries on any of Nintendo’s consoles, it is still rather filled with content to enjoy. In the game’s latest update, a number of new features and upgrades have been packed in. Let’s get to the overview trailer for a full breakdown:

Here’s a quick overview of what the update offers:

  • Visitor count doubled from 8 to 16
  • Pocket Planner Functionality: Track activities, items, and events. Can be upgraded via the…
  • Merry Memories Plan: For $0.99 per month, players can experience a more elaborate version of the Pocket Planner. This included things like a pedometer, customization options for the planner itself, and additional seasonal event rewards. Subscribers also get 20 Leaf Tickets every four weeks to do with as they please.
  • Home Screen Widget: Your phone can now get a special widget that keeps users apprised of what’s happening in the game without having to open the app.

While it’s great to see Pocket Camp continuing to be supported, some fans will likely not be thrilled to see yet another form of microtransactions added to the game. Still, there does seem to be enough new, free content added to the experience that might make it worth returning to for lapsed fans, or a first time download for new ones. Let us know what you think down in the comments!

Source: Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Twitter Page

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