Project Haven Is Looking Good in New Gameplay Video

Project Haven Gets 10 Minutes of Gameplay

Project Haven, developed by Code Three Fifty One, just received ten minutes of narrated gameplay. It looks like an interesting game if you are into strategy titles like XCOM.

Project Haven itself is inspired by Jagged Alliance. It uses an action point-based movement system set in a free grid. Instead of relying on pure percentage shots such as in XCOM, you actually go into an over-the-shoulder view to aim your shots yourself.

Every battle doesn’t have to be a head-on charge. Players also can avoid sight-lines and go in for a stealth attack. Players also can disarm the enemy by attacking their weapon and then go in for a melee attack. Or you can launch a surprise attack by using armor-piercing rounds to shoot right through walls. Much of this is nicely shown off in the gameplay video.


  • Modern aesthetics married to classic squad tactics gameplay featuring action point-based movement and deep ballistic simulation
  • A free-aiming system that allows you to take control of your mercs directly and manually shoot from an over-the-shoulder perspective, then pop behind cover to protect yourself from counterattacks.
  • Locational damage, letting you wing your enemies with a shot to the arm to reduce accuracy, slow their movement with a hit to the legs, or boost damage with a precise headshot.
  • An advanced cover system lets you adjust the stance of each merc with just two clicks. Peeking over cover or leaning around a wall exposes yourself, but provides vital lines of sight.
  • Mature storytelling. Learn the harsh realities of a seething megacity full of desperation and dark secrets. Witness the gritty lives of mercs and NPCs, and experience a story-driven campaign with fully voiced and motion-captured characters and cinematics.

  • RPG character progression Command a group of mercenaries, each with their own unique personality and attitude towards other characters. Improve their attributes and unlock new skills as they gain experience and level up.
  • Advanced weapon mechanics. Magazine management, chambered bullets, and different types of ammo for different situations. Calibers and ammunition types affect how far and how well projectiles penetrate and damage their target.
  • Skirmish, co-op & PvP. Play through the campaign mode with 1-4 players, or skirmish in randomly generated maps, fighting against friends or AI, alone or in co-op.

Project Haven is set to launch later this year and will feature a 45+ campaign. I’m always into these types of games. I like the idea of manually aiming just to add a bit more interaction to combat. The gameplay video has certainly piqued my interest in the title.

Source: Press Release

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