Sons of the Forest gets two-log Kelvin, golf ducks, and more in latest update


Sons of the Forest roared out the gates when it launched into Steam early access back in February, and 2m+ copies sold later, developer Endnight Games is continuing to improve the experience, this time adding ducks, a lake to put them in, a double log buff for fan-favourite companion Kelvin, and a sad end for a levitating life jacket.

All this comes via Sons of the Forest’s patch #4, which, while fairly light on radical new features, brings a host of welcome quality of life improvements – including the aforementioned Kelvin buff meaning he can now carry a whopping two logs at once – plus tweaks, and more.

There’s some new stuff on the feature front, though, including a new Action Cam used to view Sons of the Forest’s found footage tapes – the first of which is now in-game – plus new points of interest discovery laptops, and the ability to name save games.

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