Starfield Crimson Fleet Faction Guide

starfield-two-space-explorers-combat-with-hands-and-guns-in-dark-ship-room-yellow-screen-768x432-718x-3468167 Table of Contents Table of Contents What is the Crimson Fleet in Starfield? Where is the Crimson Fleet in Starfield?

While you’re out exploring the galaxy in Bethesda Games’ newest title, Starfield, you’re going to run into a lot of people. These include factions, which each have their own missions and purposes.

Joining various factions can make the game more exciting through the long quests, and guide you as you explore the vast amount of star systems in the game. One of the many factions you’ll find is the Crimson Fleet.

Who is the Crimson Fleet? Where can you find them? If you’re looking for answers, we’ve got them. Here is a complete faction guide for the Crimson Fleet Faction in Starfield.

What is the Crimson Fleet in Starfield?

The Crimson Fleet is a group of space pirates and is one of the nine Starfield factions found in the game. They are the game’s official bad guy faction and are out to take what’s theirs in the universe. The United Colonies in New Atlantis, another faction found in-game, have declared them too dangerous and have made it their goal to take them down. However, their influence and power have only continued to grow.

True to their pirate nature, the Crimson Fleet has ships under their own captains around the Settled Systems, flying around in their pirate vessels under the Crimson Fleet flag.

Luckily, whether you’re a good person or a bad villain type, you are still able to join the Crimson Fleet, regardless of the traits you chose in character creation. You can join in their raiding for your own gain, or report back to superiors like an undercover space cop. Lead quest designer Will Shen has said that the Crimson Fleet is “the de facto choice for anyone looking to do an evil playthrough of Starfield”. If you want to live out your villain fantasies, go with the space pirates.

Where is the Crimson Fleet in Starfield?

The Crimson Fleet can be found on quite a few planets and systems scattered around, including:

  • Kryx System
  • Cheyenne System
  • Lunara System
  • Narion System
  • Sagan System

The space pirates started out as a minor issue for the peacekeepers Freestar Collective in the Kyrx System, but as time has gone on, the Space Pirates have continued to gain larger footholds on the Settled Systems and have become a larger threat.

The Starfield Crimson Fleet Faction is just one of the many factions you can find and join in the vast space epic. If space pirates aren’t your thing, you can join the Constellation, Violent Spacers, Ryujin Industries, Ecliptic Mercenaries, House Va’ruun, Sanctum Universum, and plenty more. For space explorers ready to jump headfirst into the game, there are endless options.

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