Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition – Summer Update Stream Set for August 3rd

Street Fighter 5 Champion Edition - Akira

Season 5 of Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition is currently ongoing but it’s easy to forget given that the last character Rose released in April. Thankfully, Capcom has announced a Summer Update livestream for August 3rd at 3 PM PT/6 PM ET. It will offer over an hour of new details, including for Season 5’s remaining DLC characters Oro and Akira.

Oro has already been showcased and possesses a number of new moves and skills. For instance, he can bounce a fireball off the floor using the V-Skill “Onibi” while “Minomoushi” is a short hop that can be chained into other moves. Given that Oro was slated for this Summer, it’s likely he could release in August itself.

Akira Kazama, the beloved Rival Schools character, is another case altogether. We’ve seen some of her moves including the famous float-over kick and aerial combos along with a V-Trigger that summons Daigo to attack foes. It’s possible she arrives in early September, sneaking in just before the Summer period is over. We’ll have to wait for more details so stay tuned in the meantime.

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