Suikoden Creators Announce New RPG Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes

Yoshitaka Murayama (Suikoden, Suikoden II) and Junko Kawano (Suikoden, Suikoden IV), have announced a new JRPG Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes.

The announcement comes via the appearance of a new official Japanese website for the game (complete with its own English translation). The announcement marks the first time developers Murayama and Kawano have worked together in 25 years.

The plot focuses on the land of Allraan, a continent made of humans, beastmen, elves, and “desert people.” The Galdean Empire has discovered a way to magnify the power of Rune-Lenses, and is now seeking out an artifact to grant them more power.

One of these expeditions brings imperial officer Seign Kesling into contact with villager Nowa. The two become friends, but soon after war drags them both headlong into an adventure that will change their world. The game’s official Twitter also describes the game as “A tale of 100 characters. The war they fight. And the bonds that connect them—Eiyuden Chronicle #100heroesstrong.”

The new game also marks the debut of both legendary developers’ new studio; Rabbit & Bear Studios. Comments made by Murayama on the official website would seem to suggest the game is seeking crowd funding. We will keep you informed as we learn more.

“We, at Rabbit & Bear, have recently announced our new title ‘Eiyuden Chronicle’.
It’s a game that the team has put its heart and soul into.
Basically, it was a challenge to ourselves – ‘Can we not make the most interesting game of our lives? No limits. Just following our creative paths as they are’
In all my years of development the number one thing that has made me happy is hearing a fan express enjoyment at playing my games.
So that’s what I’m setting out to do with ‘Eiyuden Chronicle’—To make as many fans happy as possible.
However, we can’t do it alone.
In order to succeed we need your strength, support, and hope.
Right now more than ever, we need heroes to realize this dream.
We hope you’ll join us!”

You can find the announcement trailer (via IGN Japan) below.

You can find the full rundown (via the official website) below (Editor’s Note: We have omitted the Japanese text, for easier reading).


—Welcome to the Continent of Allraan

Our story begins in one corner of Allraan, a tapestry of nations with diverse cultures and values.
By dint of sword, and by way of magical objects known as “rune-lenses,”
the land’s history has been shaped by the alliances and aggressions of the humans, beastmen, elves,
and desert people who live there.
The Galdean Empire has edged out other nations and discovered a technology that amplifies the rune-lenses’ magic.
Now, the Empire is scouring the continent for an artifact that will expand their power even further.
It is on one such expedition that Seign Kesling, a young and gifted imperial officer, and Nowa, a boy from a remote village,
meet each other and become friends.
However, a twist of fate will soon drag them into the fires of war, and force them both to reexamine everything they believe to be right and true.

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes is coming soon.

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