Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – Update 8.1.0 Now Available, Adds “Small Battlefield” Stage

super smash bros ultimate

A new update has dropped for Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, adding a brand new stage to the mix. “Small Battlefield” can now be selected but it’s also possible to have any stage-specific music for all the Battlefield stages and Final Destination. Perhaps more importantly, update 8.1.0 “adjusts” the online user experience.

This includes recalculating the entry threshold for players in Elite Smash, allowing more to join, and adjusting how initial values for Global Smash Power are calculated. Matching as per Preferred Rules has also been adjusted with further adjustments and investigations into Online play promised.

Along with this are the standard fixes issues to help “improve” the gameplay experience. Check out the full patch notes below. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is currently available for Nintendo Switch with the latest DLC character being Min Min from ARMS. Stay tuned for more details in the coming months especially with five other DLC characters coming in Fighters Pass 2.


  • The “Small Battlefield” stage has been added. You can also set “Small Battlefield” as a Preferred Rule in Online battles.
  • You can now select any stage-specific music for the “Battlefield,” “Small Battlefield,” “Big Battlefield,” and “Final Destination” stages.


  • The online user experience has been adjusted.
  • The way matching is determined when using Preferred Rules has been adjusted.
  • Following a look at the current number of players eligible for Elite Smash, the threshold for entry has been recalculated to allow more players. Additionally, the way initial values for Global Smash Power are calculated has also been adjusted.
  • Further investigations and adjustments to Online mode are expected.


  • Several issues have been fixed to improve gameplay experience.

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