The 16th Tetris 99 Maximus Cup Runs For A Week, Offers Past Themes

Confession time: I freaking love Tetris 99 and a big part of it are the exceptional themes that the game provides. Nintendo games are used as inspiration for re-imaginings of the playing field and music, all coalescing to perfectly encapsulate what makes that given piece of software special while still maintaining the identity of Tetris 99 itself. It’s like an updated version of Tetris DS (kinda) and if you’ve been missing out… well, Nintendo has you covered!

The #Tetris99 16th MAXIMUS CUP gives you another chance to earn past in-game themes! This time, you only need 50 points to earn each. @Tetris_Official

Round 1: #AnimalCrossing: New Horizons
Round 2: #LuigisMansion3
Round 3: #RingFitAdventure

?: 8/14, 12am PT – 8/22, 11:59pm PT

— Nintendo of America (@NintendoAmerica) August 6, 2020

The 16th Tetris 99 Maximus Cup (fittingly dubbed the Second Chance Edition) is a week-long affair where players will be given the opportunity to earn three different themes that were previously offered but have since been unavailable. While past themes have become part of the static rotation available for purchase in-game, these three have not. If you were unable to procure them before, now is the perfect time!

Well, not now, but starting on August 14! The tourney will run until August 22. As an added bit of fan service, these three themes are being offered at 50 event points apiece as opposed to the typical 100. Note that they’re being release in three separate rounds—the image in the Tweet is a bit cramped, so let’s break down the whole shebang:

  • Round 1: Animal Crossing: New Horizons—August 14 to August 16
  • Round 2: Luigi’s Mansion 3—August 17 to August 19
  • Round 3: Ring Fit Adventure—August 20 to August 22

All times are 12 AM PST to 11:59 PM PST within a respective window of days. Are you pumped? Gonna snag some themes you missed? Spill the tea online and in the comments, friends!

Source: Nintendo of America Twitter Page

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