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Ahh, the great outdoors! Take a deep breath of that fresh air, feel the sun’s warmth on your skin, and hear those ominous noises calling from the jungle…uh oh.

Better get that survival pack ready. Our team here at publisher Gameforge, alongside the phenomenally talented indie development studio Nordic Trolls, are preparing to take you on an expedition filled with action, adventure – and maybe an impossibly large crab or two – in Under a Rock, a brand new open world survival title.

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Picture it: in the early 19th Century, you embark on a daring journey at the behest of the Society of Explorers to investigate the disappearance of a previous expedition when, suddenly, forces beyond your control send your hot air balloon careening on a crash course to disaster.

You survive, but find yourself stranded in a world lost to history, a hidden land that few can travel to… or from. Host to all manner of primitive, hostile flora and fauna, you’ll need to keep your wits about you as you set about getting your bearings, crafting your base, and doing whatever it takes to survive.

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Your world won’t be the same as anyone else’s – every new game will procedurally generate a new land and, using the power of Unreal Engine 5, we’re building a vibrant, gorgeous game that gives you a sense of true exploration and discovery every time. You’ll want to build a character to match, and our diverse character creator will help you piece together the perfect adventurer.

You don’t have to go it alone, though! If multiplayer survival crafting is more your style, Under a Rock will support up to 10 players per server – meaning nine of your closest friends get to be stranded with you! As the saying goes: “the more the merrier”!

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And, of course, what’s a mysterious land lost to time without a terrifying evil plaguing it? Part of your escape will hinge on uncovering the secrets behind the supernatural forces at play, piecing together the curse that hangs over the world, and researching how to break it. If you happen to discover treasure, artifacts, and native wildlife to bring back along the way, well…you’ve earned it.

Excited yet? This doesn’t even scratch the surface of what Under a Rock has in store! Along with gathering supplies and crafting a base, survivors will learn the joys of farming, fishing, and animal husbandry. Will you construct a serene fishing hut along the sandy shoreline? Or is harvesting crops from bountiful plants collected from the varied environment more your speed? Or maybe your passion lies in taming, breeding, and befriending a wide range of cute but (potentially) lethal critters? No matter what tickles your fancy, Under a Rock will spark your sense of adventure.

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So, would-be intrepid explorers, be sure to keep an eye out for Under a Rock when it lands on Windows PC and Xbox consoles in future.

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