Vampire Survivors’ Second DLC, Tides of the Foscari Launches April 13

Vampire Survivors is set to receive a new expansion next month as poncle’s second expansion launches on April 13 for $2.39.

Serving as the second expansion following Legacy of the Moonspell, players can expect eight new heroes, 13 new weapons, seven new music tracks, and a new stage.

Vampire Survivors returns in April

“In Tides of the Foscari, our story takes us to the rolling hills and wooded lands of Western Europe,” Poncle community manager Beth Molloy reveals on Xbox Wire. “We were heavily influenced by fairy tales and folklore, which whisper warnings to not step too close to foreboding woods.

“The Great Forest is home to all manner of magical beasts, spellcasters, demi-humans, spirits, demons, angels, and the kinds of things you might not want to meet when your lantern flickers out. Here, the barrier between worlds is perilously thin, but some traverse the woods to reach what lies at its center: The Foscari Academy.


“You wouldn’t think that parents of the world’s elite would be eager to send their progeny into danger just to get an education, but The Foscari Academy is no mere school. Here, the next generation of warriors, scholars, and leaders learn what it takes to be masters of their crafts.”

Players will be able to choose from a variety of characters including Eleanor, a star pupil of the Azure Tower and a skilled magic user, Maruto, an undefeated champion of the Crimson Anvil, Keitha, a fun-loving individual who loves adventure and gifted slacker, Luminaire, a guardian of Lake Foscari and an ancient witch of great power who is also known as the Aboreal Mistress or Lady of the Lake.

Some of the new weapons being added include SpellString, Eleanor’s trusted textbook, sure to provide the answers on any magical topic that might cross her path, Eskizzibur, forged by Maruto’s blacksmith uncle as a jape, but to his surprise, his young nephew was capable of lifting it, Flash Arrow, Keitha’s home crafted arrows will put a hole through a tree at 100 paces, though her prodigious tendon strength certainly helps, and Prismatic Missile, a fragment of concentrated elemental power loaned to Luminaire by spirits as thanks for her continued protection of the natural world.

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