Xbox Series X Will Support All Xbox One Controllers in All Games, Reminds Microsoft

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Sony recently confirmed that DualShock 4 controllers would only work with PS4 games on the PS5. Naturally, Microsoft took the opportunity to remind consumers that the Xbox Series X would be backwards compatible with all Xbox One controllers across all games. This was via the official Xbox UK Twitter.

Along with official Xbox controllers, the Xbox Adaptive Controller, Xbox Elite Wireless Controllers and SCUF Controllers were included. This is part of Microsoft’s previously announced cross-generation strategy with the Xbox Series X. Again though, this reminder just seems more like a dig at Sony’s PS5 than anything else.

The Xbox Series X and PS5 are both slated to release this holiday season. Sony recently confirmed a new State of Play for August 6th though insisted that there would be no major updates on first-party studios, hardware or release dates. Xbox boss Phil Spencer promised more news this month for the Xbox Series X – stay tuned for further details on an official date.

ICYMI: Xbox Series X is backwards compatible with ALL Xbox One controllers across ALL games
? Official Xbox Controllers
✨ Xbox Adaptive Controller
? Xbox Elite Wireless Controllers
⚡ SCUF Controllers

— Xbox UK (@xboxuk) August 3, 2020

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