Yakuza: Like a Dragon Will Release on PS5 “At a Later Date”; English Dub Confirmed

yakuza like a dragon

Yakuza: Like a Dragon was confirmed for Xbox Series X (along with Xbox One and PC) earlier this year, much to the surprise of many, and questions about whether a PS5 version is also coming have been asked more than a few times since then. Via IGN, the PS5 version of the upcoming RPG has now officially been confirmed. There’s a catch though- that will come “at a later date”, while the Xbox Series X version will be a launch title for Microsoft’s next-gen console.

A release window for PC and current-gen versions of the game has also been confirmed, with Sega announcing that Yakuza: Like a Dragon will be releasing for PS4, Xbox One, and PC in November. Given that an exact launch date hasn’t been given, we’re guessing it’ll launch simultaneously with the Xbox Series X version, and since the console’s launch date hasn’t yet been revealed, Sega are holding off on announcing their game’s release date as well.

Another major piece of information has also been confirmed. For the first time in the series since the very first Yakuza launched in the west for the PS2 back in 2006, Yakuza: Like a Dragon will also have an option for an English voice dub, true to earlier reports regarding the same. What’s more, legendary actor George Takei will be voicing the game’s main antagonist, Masumi Arakawa, the patriarch of the Arakawa Family.

Other voice cast members have also been detailed. Protagonist Ichiban Kasuga will be voiced by Kaiji Tang; Andrew Morgado will voice Koichi Adachi, “an ex-cop on the search for truth”; Greg Chun will voice Yu Nanba, a “downtrodden former nurse making amends with the world”; and Elizabeth Maxwell will be voicing Saeko Mukoda, “a bar hostess on a mission”.

A new trailer for the game, as well as another video announcing the game’s English dub, have also been released. Check them both out below, courtesy of IGN. You can also check out an extended look at Yakuza: Like a Dragon gameplay footage through here.

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