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When Year 4 of Destiny 2 launches, some Crucible maps will enter the Destiny Content Vault. Crucible maps will be curated as a “best of” list from Destiny 1 and Destiny 2. Not all maps were fan favorites but it seems like Bungie is removing the ones that are not completely loved by fans. Although Bungie said the worlds and the content attached to them, such as strikes, will be entering the DCV, it does not include Crucible maps.

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The maps that are leaving the game are from Destiny 2 Year 1 and various expansions. Also, the maps that returned from Destiny 1 will still be playable when Beyond Light launches. Here is the list of maps from Destiny 2 that will enter the Destiny Content Vault this November.

11 Meltdown


Meltdown is located on Mars at the Clovis Bray Special Projects facility and it is from the Warmind expansion. The fighting on this map is not just centered in the middle area, it spreads to different parts of the map which allows players to use different weapon types. However, players seem to find the spawn at the Plaza to be near the center while players that spawn at the Landing Pad are more closed off. This map really pushed players to be tactical with their approach since enemies are everywhere and the map is quite asymmetrical.

10 Solitude


The map Solitude is a Warmind facility in Hellas, Mars. The map is a mix of icy, rocky caves, and the inside of the facility is at the center of the map. Unlike many other maps, the middle is tight, and while the rest of the map is open and spaced out. This map is built for both shotguns and snipers. A downside to this map is that the team that takes the middle is often trapping the other team in their spawn. On the other hand, if the outside team has a strong group of snipers then the people inside the facility may need to watch out.

9 Retribution


Retribution launched with the Destiny 2 base game. This map is located on a Cabal ship in the Upper Stratosphere on Mars. This map is known for its circular shape, closed-in hallways which feels too cramped for 12 players to fight in. Retribution was introduced as a PS4 exclusive but became available to players on other platforms when Forsaken released.

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The map was originally smaller, but when Bungie changed Quickplay modes to 6v6, this map was opened up to accommodate more players. However, it still one of the smallest maps.

8 The Citadel


The Citadel is a fairytale-like map that feels like a castle sitting above a mountain. This map is also like a castle because it is huge and a map like this can only be in the Dreaming City. This is currently the only Dreaming City map in Destiny 2. The main problem with The Citadel is that players have more of a peek-a-boo fight with the other team rather than being tactical. Also, the map is too symmetrical which makes the gameplay lackluster. Although the Dreaming City is not leaving when Beyond Light launches, this map will be.

7 Emperor’s Respite


Emperor’s Respite appeared quite often in the Competitive playlists in early Destiny 2. This map was released after the world’s first completion of the Leviathan raid which is why it is on the Leviathan ship. It is often a sniper camping ground because of its open sights and multiple lanes. Also, it is notorious for spawn trapping players during Iron Banner Control. With all Leviathan related activities entering the Destiny Content Vault, it makes sense for this to go with them.

6 Equinox


Equinox is a minimalist map set in Unknown Space with geometric objects surrounding the area. Having spans perched on the sides made it easy to see enemy players running around which made the map feel like a playground. While this map favors long-range weapons, the room between the spawns is good for short-range weapons. Besides its PvP gameplay, this map has players wondering its connection to the Vex and the Triangle ships.

5 Eternity


Eternity is also located in Unknown Space with a similar look to the Equinox map. However, this map is not an open concept and it gives players the ability to use various types of weapons because of the open areas and small rooms. This map was introduced as the Trials of the Nine map in Destiny 2 base game.

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The area has white stone and deep blue metallic shapes scattered around with bright pink lights. The tower above has a dramatic display of ribbons which set an otherworldly vibe about the Nine. Ribbons like these can also be seen in the Prophecy Dungeon.

4 Firebase Echo


Firebase Echo is a map from Forsaken on a giant Cabal Firebase located in the Arcadian Valley on Nessus. The map is small and has sights from the top and bottom towards the enemy spawn. The middle area is highly contested as well while the rest of the map has barely any activity. Also, the yellow Cabal shielded Bridge section is merciless. It is one of those maps where if one team has the advantage, it is hard to get back up on your feet. However, the open area and long sights are perfect for snipers and bows.

3 Gambler’s Ruin


Gambler’s Ruin is another map introduced during Forsaken that is leaving the game. It was first launched as a PS4 exclusive as well. Gambler’s Ruin takes place in the Tangled Shore with Fallen buildings and rocks anchored together. The map is often criticized for its tight space which does not help the layout which has players running around to different areas. With so many paths to get around, players are either great at flanking or players were accidentally flipping spawns.

2 Legion’s Gulch


Legion’s Gulch is a giant Cabal drill that sits in the middle of a European Dead Zone neighborhood. This map directly relates to the Red War storyline since it launched during Year 1 of Destiny 2. A significant part of this map is the air cannons that shoot players from the Drill to the other side of the map. A lot of time gets spent hopping around the map with few sights and this leads to easy spawn flipping.

1 Vostok


Vostok is near the social area from Destiny 1‘s Rise of Iron expansion. It was converted to a Crucible map in Destiny 2. This nostalgic map is an observatory that is located on Felwinter’s Peak right beside the Iron Temple. This map has perches for snipers, tight spaces for close-quarter weapons, and hiding spots for stealthy players. It is a large map that does not have an open combat area in the middle so the fighting is evenly spread throughout the map.

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