The MOP Up: Dauntless dials up the dazzle


Patch 1.5.4 roared right into the online monster slayer Dauntless this past week, giving players a non-RNG way to grab desired Behemoth dyes. Also, the devs reworked the Paladin of Vylmark’s light show: “After listening to feedback from the community, we’ve reworked the visual effects on the Paladin of Vylmark chest piece. Players can now … Read more

Google Stadia Cancelled Dozens of Projects including Kojima Horror Game; “Hundreds of Thousands” Short of Subscriber Targets


Insider sources have told news outlets of dozens of Google Stadia games being cancelled; including a horror game by Hideo Kojima, and being “hundreds of thousands” short of subscriber targets. Bloomberg reports – citing “two people familiar with the matter”– that the targeted sales for controllers and monthly active users are hundreds of thousands short. … Read more

Magic Legends introduces you to a trio of key characters


Magic the Gathering fans are no strangers to the colorful characters and personalities that they’ve encountered through card descriptions. Cryptic is looking to carry forward that feeling as it fashioned NPCs for the upcoming Magic Legends. The studio put out a dev blog introducing fans to three key characters that adventurers will encounter in their … Read more

Looks like Microsoft is testing 1080p streams for Xbox Game Pass cloud gaming


Microsoft is reportedly testing 1080p for Xbox Game Pass cloud streaming. According to Windows Central, anonymous but "trusted" sources sent screenshots of Hellblade running via xCloud, alleging that the streaming resolution was 1920×1080. Up until now, the hardware had previously only been able to run in 720p, but it seems Microsoft is now planning to … Read more

Touhou Project 18: Unconnected Marketeers Releases May 2021


The latest installment of the Touhou series of bullet hell shooters has been announced. The 18th project will be called Unconnected Marketeers. The Touhou Project is a series of games produced solely by developer ZUN since 1997. The series takes place in the magical realm of Gensokyo where humans are threatened by man-eating youkai and … Read more

The Game Archaeologist: EA’s Motor City Online


When we use the shorthand “MMO” for online games, it’s always assumed that we’re talking about swords-and-sorcery or sci-fi RPGs. However, the massively multiplayer online sports genre has existed practically as long as MMORPGs have, enjoying great popularity particularly in Asian territories. Back in 2001, Electronic Arts — with its eyes swimming of visions of … Read more

Global Chat: Grieving over Anthem’s demise


Belghast over at Tales of the Aggronaut is going through several stages of grief over the news that Anthem has ceased active development. It’s not been a good day for him (or any Anthem fans, for that matter), but it doesn’t stop him from doing a little analysis of the game’s weak spots. “So each … Read more

Valheim Sells Over 4 Million Copies


Developer Iron Gate AB have announced Valheim has sold 4 million copies just three weeks after launching from Early Access. The game had sold two million copies just 13 days after launching from Early Access on February 2nd, and three million copies three days after that. Now, 22 days after launch, the game has achieved … Read more

Doom Eternal generated £323m in just nine months


Doom Eternal reportedly generated over £323 million ($450m) in the first nine months of its release. Bethesda had already trumpeted that the launch of Doom Eternal was the series' best-ever in terms of opening week sales, but at the time the publisher didn't give exact figures, instead only confirming the game had doubled the launch … Read more

One Shots: Hug a jellyfish today, why not?


Now personally, I don’t do a whole lot of scuba diving or anything, mostly because I have a healthy fear of everything that lurks underwater. I’ve seen sharks and jellyfish and other nameless terrors in person, and so I’m going to keep my butt on dry land for the time being. But Daniel… Daniel is … Read more

Apex Legends hits an all-new concurrent user peak on Steam


Apex Legends has hit an all-new concurrent user peak on Steam. The free-to-play battle royale game – which released on Steam in November 2020 after almost 18-months as an EA Origin exclusive – hit 198,235 simultaneous players on Steam yesterday, its highest ever concurrent user peak according to SteamDB (thanks, Dexerto). The recent surge in … Read more