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BioWare has a tough task ahead when it comes to the complete revamping of Anthem. The team is currently underway to bring the game to a state that players had hoped it would have originally released in. Now, fans of BioWare’s history with critically acclaimed, story driven titles, may be close to getting some new information on what’s planned for the game’s overhaul, such as Anthem‘s weapons and other highly requested primary features.

This latest insight comes from a tweet made casually by BioWare Studio Director Christian Dailey when responding to fan questions about the ongoing process of the overhaul for Anthem. Dailey has revealed some of the inner-workings going on behind the scenes at BioWare before, like Anthem‘s internal Battle Royale mode that the developers have tooled around with in order to test new PvP options.

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When asked after posting a new piece of concept art for Anthem, Dailey comments that BioWare is currently planning to drop some new info in September. Exactly what the topic will be, from new guns to possible new enemies in Anthem, is still undetermined, although Dailey does mention that the topic might be shown or announced at some point in the next week. Regardless, fans looking to see what might get announced or shown have already gathered quickly around this tweet and begun hunting through Dailey’s other remarks to see what this next update might include.

Since this ongoing process was first announced, Bioware has been fairly tight lipped about updates for the Anthem overhaul, with the last official insight coming from all the way back in May. So, getting an update in September is huge news considering that it has been months since the company has made any official announcements or showcases of what players can expect in the overhaul. In some cases, this type of silence can be concerning, but Dailey and others involved in development have been making sure to continue engaging with players enough to keep the hype train rolling for the pseudo re-release of the ambitious title.

An update like what BioWare is planning for Anthem‘s overhaul is an unfortunate part of modern gaming, where a combination of overextended development teams, ambitious publishers, and misjudged release dates leads to unfinished launches. However, the team working on the game’s revamping appears to be excited to bring back some previously cut or underdeveloped concepts, if Dailey’s comments and Twitter feed is anything to go by. In that case, the long wait for Anthem to come to life the way it was originally intended may be ready to attempt to prove itself in this upcoming announcement.

Anthem is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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