Apex Legends’ Fuse Gets Character Trailer

Apex Legends - Fuse

The battle royale shooter from EA and Respawn Entertainment, Apex Legends, continues on. The game has managed to carve out quite the niche for itself and is on the verge of going into its eighth season next month. Like all seasons, this one comes with a new Legend, Fuse. While we’ve seen a little of him, today we got a trailer breaking down his aggressive playstyle.

Fuse seems to be slightly different as he is one of the most offensive-based Legends so far. He’s a former mercenary and is heavily focused on explosives. For instance, he can stack one extra grenade and uses his arm attachment to throw them far and with more accuracy. He also has access to multiple concussion grenades and ‘Wally,’ a launcher that is able to create a ring of fire around opponents. Check out the whole trailer below.

Apex Legends is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Season 8 will launch, alongside Fuse, February 8th. The game is also set to come to the Nintendo Switch, but no date has been officially set, though recent retail leaks point to that version possibly coming on the same date.

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