Apex Legends names skin for notoriously buggy gun after dev who collects bug reports


Bugs are a way of life in Apex Legends. Every time a new update hits the game, a slew of new bugs tends to enter the game with it. Constantly fighting back against these waves of bugs is Respawn Entertainment’s support team, who collect bug reports from the playerbase and subsequently try to fix those bugs in future updates. It’s a difficult and often thankless job, considering they’re often dealing with angry players insulting their work on the game. And on the public-facing side of the support team, few devs are as widely known as Pav.

If you’ve ever complained about an Apex bug on social media, you’ve probably seen or know of Pav. In exhaustive fashion, Pav is more often than not the person who responds to players posting videos of their bugs and trying to get more details from them to help coordinate fixes for those bugs. It’s fitting, then, that Pav’s name will be attached to one of the new weapon skins entering the game for the Rampage, a weapon that’s been the source of some of the support team’s biggest headaches in the past year.

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