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Bandai Namco Ad on Twitter mentions Elden Ring

Bandai Namco Europe has recently started a Twitter Marketing Campaign near E3, which many companies usually do, and Bandai Namco is asking people to follow them on Twitter to keep up with the latest news on their games such as Dragon Ball Games, Little Nightmares (Little Nightmares 2 is supposed to get a Next-Gen Patch soon), The Dark Pictures, Tekken, Scarlet Nexus, Tales of, Dark Souls (There were rumours about a Dark Souls 2 Remaster) and many more games.


While this does not confirm anything for Elden Ring, it kind of increases chances, and Recently, OmniPotent, a very trustable FromSoftware leaker, posted this image in a talk about Elden Ring Gameplay which basically hints at some information about Elden Ring. Now again, Omnipotent is very trustable but just keep in mind that Jeff Grubb (An Industry Insider and Writer at Gamesbeat) has said that Elden Ring is unlikely to be at E3.


But again, Jeff Grubb has been wrong multiple times about Elden Ring, and Bandai Namco has been listed as an E3 Participant on the official E3 website; however, Bandai Namco might have a lot to showcase this year, especially the long-awaited FromSoftware Game Elden Ring, which got its trailer leaked previously and got a provisional rating earlier this year. Hopefully, they finally announce a release date and showcase the official gameplay of Elden Ring. Bandai Namco has multiple announced games already, such as Scarlet Nexus, and on top of that, they will definitely showcase some of their newer games as well. E3 2021 is set to take place from 12 June to 15th June.
Fans have been hungry for Elden RIng news because we haven’t been told anything about it since it was revealed back in 2019. Someone even managed to hack into the official Bandai Namco Website to troll people about Elden Ring News. The official Bandai Namco website would redirect people to an unverified page on Instagram, and the page stated, “Elden RIng News Soon.”
Hopefully, Omnipotent is right, and we get some information about Elden Ring soon.
What do you think? Please let us know in the comments below.

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