Razer has made some sleeves for your sweaty thumbs


Sweaty thumbs are the worst aren’t they? You might as well not have these opposable digits for how useless they become when they decide to spurt liquid out of every pore, but thankfully gaming peripherals maker Razer has come up with a solution: thumb sleeves. Specifically designed with mobile gaming in mind, the Razer Gaming … Read more

Deltarune Chapter 2 Releases September 17

After a celebration for the 6th anniversary of Undertale, game developer Toby Fox announced the second chapter of the game’s de facto sequel Deltarune. Deltarune released back in 2018 as a surprise for fans of Undertale and was initially disguised as a “survey program”. Upon launching the executable, players were able to play through the … Read more

When Does Deltarune Chapter 2 Release?

With Toby Fox suddenly confirming the release of Deltarune’s second chapter, loads of fans are excited to sit down and play it as soon as possible. Everyone is incredibly excited for the game, but that’s left folks wondering — when exactly is it coming out and where can you get it? What Time Does Deltarune … Read more

Deltarune Chapter 2 Release Date Announced

Fans have been going wild on Twitter all day over the 6th anniversary of Undertale. The game is now legendary among all gamers with it even being featured in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate with a Mii costume of Sans. But it’s Toby Fox’s latest game that has fans extremely excited, as he has confirmed the … Read more

Fallout 4: A Complete Guide To Modding

Quick Links Modding Terms Finding Mods Installing Mods Load Order Modding Tools ENBs Troubleshooting Bethesda games are known for many things, ranging from their immersive worlds to the plethora of bugs each game seems to have. Despite all of that, what keeps games like Skyrim relevant for years well after its release boils down to … Read more

Warhammer Online rogue server Return of Reckoning preps anniversary celebration and huge reveal this weekend

If you’ve been keeping an eye on Warhammer Online rogue server Return of Reckoning, you probably already know that the game is knee-deep in its take on the Stronghold Saga, which currently pits Dwarves against Greenskins in the Marshes of Madness. But this month, the player dev team has been hinting that there’s more than … Read more

Prosperous Universe talks about its recent patch and mobile launch as it gets a spotlight on Reddit

Prosperous Universe has been busy recently according to the game’s most recent development log. Discussion among the devs focuses primarily on two topics: work on the game’s recent patch, which has brought features like base exploration, market filters, and base demolition; and a whole lot of UI work for the game’s mobile version, which apparently … Read more