Destiny 2 Season 17: Start date, Trials of Osiris changes, PvP map & more

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Destiny 2’s Season 17 will bring new PvP content and big changes to the game’s new weapon crafting system. Here’s when it starts, and what else it’ll include.

Destiny 2’s Season of the Risen (Season 16) has been excellent, offering the fun new PsiOps Battlegrounds activity to keep players logging in after they’ve finished the Witch Queen expansion.

That gives Season 17 the tough task of following it up and beginning to lay the groundwork until the next major expansion, Lightfall.

Here’s everything we know so far, including changes to weapon crafting, new PvP maps, and changes to Trials of Osiris.


Destiny 2 Season 17 start date

Season of the Risen will run until May 24, meaning we’re some way off of the new season yet.

Still, Season 17 will drop on that day at weekly reset, meaning you’ve got plenty of time to level up your Season Pass and Seasonal Artifact.

Destiny 2 Season 17 content

Crucible maps

Season of the Risen added two classic Destiny 1 maps to the Crucible rotation in Vostok and Eternity, but a new map is arriving in Season 17 according to Game Director Joe Blackburn.

Interestingly, he notes the new environments — could we see a PvP map set on Savathun’s Throne World?

After reprised maps in season 16, season 17 will come with a brand-new map. There are a bunch of new environments in Destiny 2, and we’re excited to start bringing them into the crucible.

— Joe Blackburn (@joegoroth) August 4, 2021

Trials of Osiris rework

Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris

Trials of Osiris is getting another shakeup in Destiny 2 Season 17.

Gambit saw sizeable changes in Season of the Risen, but it’s Trials of Osiris’ turn in Season 17.

Destiny 2’s top-tier PvP mode has seen plenty of tweaks in recent months, but Bungie mentioned that it’ll get some changes in Season 17 in a pre-Witch Queen blog post.

“Fear not, Trials fans, while our main focus for Season 16 is Gambit, we still have some fun changes planned,” the post reads. Here are the changes mentioned so far:

  • Capture Zone and Freelance weekends will continue.
  • Seven maps per season in the rotation, one of which will be decided by player vote.
  • Adept reward changes.

Weapon crafting changes

The Witch Queen added a new weapon crafting system, but players have found their creativity curtailed by material caps and a large number of required elements.

Bungie is patching the first issue as part of Season of the Risen, but Season 17 will see all elements except for Neutral ones be removed. Bungie has said the idea is to make weapon crafting simpler, and is also looking to change how Patterns are earned — but wouldn’t give any further details.

Destiny 2 Season 17 weapons

We don’t know what new weapons will be added in Season 17, but we’re expecting a new seasonal exotic.

The last few seasonal exotics have been pretty wild, ranging from the Cryosthesia being our first Stasis sidearm to the Grand Overture that’s a machine gun/rocket launcher hybrid.

We’ll update this when we hear more.

Destiny 2 Arc or Solar 3.0

Sandbox Lead Kevin Yanes has suggested that many of the Synaptic Spear moves and attacks found in Season of the Risen are actually a testing ground for Arc 3.0.

Remember when I said this was a tip to the future of arc 3.0?

Speed is a part of arcs kit so we gave the synaptic spear two blinks (back to back before CD), a super slide, and insane jumps/movespeed.

Excited to see y’all using it in the wild!

— Kevin Yanes (@_Tocom_) February 26, 2022

We know Destiny’s Arc and Solar classes will be overhauled to match Stasis and Void 3.0 in the coming months, but we don’t know which one will arrive first.

Bungie has previously suggested Arc 3.0 will be tied to speedy attacks and AoE (think chain lightning), while Solar 3.0 will feature healing effects as well as burning.

Destiny 2 Season 17 story and characters

Destiny 2 Warmind key art showing Rasputin

Could we be reunited with Rasputin in Season 17?

Season of the Risen is focused on continuing our offensive against the Lucent Hive, even after Savathun is defeated at the end of the Witch Queen campaign.

It seems unlikely we’ll continue to fight alongside Caiatl’s Cabal forces in the next season as well, but one theory seems to suggest Rasputin could make a return.

The AI hasn’t been seen since the pre-Forsaken Warmind expansion, and his loyalties are tough to decipher — he’s just as likely to help Guardians as he is to nuke them from orbit.

As noted by Forbes’ Paul Tassi, it appears Rasputin could be given an Exo body and a new name: Archangel. Is it time for a reunion?

Destiny 2 Season 17 price

Season 17 will continue with the Season Pass model, meaning you can buy in for around £10 per season.

If you have Witch Queen’s Deluxe Edition, you’re already covered for Season 17, 18, and 19.

Could it be time for Destiny 2 to move to a subscription model?

For more on Destiny 2 Season 17, be sure to check out our other content for the loot shooter.

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