Donate Spoiled Turnips to Charity in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

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A Corporate Event for a Good Cause

Are you a fan of Animal Crossing: New Horizons and their turnip-dealing Stalk Market? Have a ton of spoiled turnips because you missed a big score? Well, now there is a new, real life use for those spoiled turnips, thanks in part to the corporate promotion of Hellmanns Mayonnaise.

Yep, you read that right! It appears that Hellmann’s is having its own little promotion with Animal Crossing: New Horizons by pledging to donate a meal to charity for every spoiled turnip dropped off on their island!

The promotion was announced via Twitter, from the Hellmann’s Canada account.

Hellmann’s Island is coming soon to #ACNH. to turn virtual food waste into real meals. For each spoiled turnip you drop off on #HellmannsIsland, we’ll donate a meal to @SecondHarvestCA to feed those in need. Our goal: 25,000 meals.

Hellmanns also gave detailed instructions for those who wish to visit Hellmann’s Island, and how they can participate in the event, which will take place between Monday, August 17th at 3:00 PM EST, and finish Saturday, August 22nd, at 12:15 AM EST.

Simply put, players will get a direct message from the Hellmann’s Canada twitter account and receive a personal dodo code, which will be shared on a first-come, first-served basis. Those selected visitors will be provided with a 15-minute time limit to drop off spoiled turnips.

Players then have the chance to briefly explore the rest of Hellmann’s Island, with several key locations shown in their twitter preview video. This includes the Hellmann’s Farm, where players can stroll through canola fields or see freshly laid eggs and barrels of vinegar, the Second Harvest Outdoor Kitchen, where they can relax and unwind by a waterfall with a healthy sandwich made by Second Harvest, or Ribbon Island, a re-creation of the Hellmann ribbon logo, fully decorated in blue and white roses.

Of course, Resident Services and the Able Sisters Shop will also be available. The billboard near Resident Services promises to provide tips to help individuals reduce food waste, while the Able Sisters will have Hellmann’s-inspired merchandise ready to download.

Though this is a small corporate promotion, it is one that is working to donate to a good cause, and is a unique way where millions of players of Animal Crossing can turn their turnips into a real-world practical donation. It is also a much better corporate tie-in than the likes of other companies who are only pandering a bit, like McDonald’s providing download codes for McDonald’s themed clothing.

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