FIFA 21’s Career Mode Changes Gets Highlighted In New Trailer


As is the case with many different annual series, there is always a certain familiarity you come to expect year after year. With sports title, especially, it’s easy to get into a certain grove. That can also make things get a little on the stall side, too, and even the most familiar series something has to be changed up. Such is the case with FIFA 21 this year, which is looking to change up its career mode in big ways, and they have a trailer to highlight it now.

Last month, the company detailed the big changes they planned for this year’s iteration of career mode. That included Interactive Match Simulation, which allows you to jump in and out of a simulated match as you like, as well as huge overhauls to player development systems, improved transfer options, the ability to sell and swap offers, and a lot more. You can see the trailer breaking this down below, and you can also read the full and more in-depth breakdown through here.

FIFA 21 will release October 29th for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch and PC, with versions coming for PS5 and Xbox Series X later. You can check out some of the gameplay focusing on new dribbling and other gameplay tweaks through here.

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