First Class Trouble: Basics For Beginners

First Class Trouble is an Early Access deception game that can be played with up to six players. It's similar to Among Us in that everyone must complete tasks while trying to figure out who the bad guy is during the gameplay and during meetings.

The tasks aren't always simple and a lot of tools are at the advantage and disadvantage of both Residents and Personoids alike. You can accidentally bump into a man-eating plant or get pushed into a community pool. Because of the many tools available to players, it can be confusing what you should be doing at any given time. Here are some basic tips to help you either survive or murder everyone in the game.

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How To Win As A Personoid

There are two Personoids in every match and the goal is to either kill all Residents or reach the end, shutting down CAIN with the help of Residents. When you first load into a match as a Personoid, your true form is shown. If you walk out of your room while you're a robot, no one can see it so you won't be compromised.

Two Personoids cannot choke out a Resident together and kill them the normal way. That's why other methods are mandatory. To kill Residents, you need to either use the environment to kill people or pick up and use syringes. A Personoid and a Resident can choke someone out together, though. You just have to convince a Resident to help you.

To reach the end passively, you'll have to convince everyone that you're also a Resident. If you stay alive as a Personoid without killing anyone, you still win.

On each level, you can find up to two syringes. Syringes instantly kill Residents. The trick with this is that Residents can see you taking it and will notice if a syringe is missing. These provide a quick and easy kill if you can get away with it.

Environmental kills consist of:

  • Throwing someone into a fire
  • Throwing someone into a pool
  • Trapping or pushing someone into electricity
  • Pushing someone into a man-eating plant
  • Pushing someone off the edge of the map on the last level
  • Closing the airlock on someone

Personoid Abilities

Personoids have two abilities to help them against a group of Residents. The first one is activated by pressing number one on the keyboard. It shows you the auras of things like the location of syringes and the other players through walls. This ability will help you get your bearings and know when it's safe to perform risky things.

The second ability is activated by pressing number two. This allows you to contact your Personoid partner without using the local voice chat that everyone else can hear. With this safe voice channel, you can strategically plan attacks on the Residents without them knowing.

TIP: By holding down TAB, you can see who your Personoid partner is among the other Residents.

Sabotaging Objectives

Aside from using syringes and the environment to wreak havoc on innocents, you can also sabotage things with your robot abilities. By walking up to an oxygen station or a log on the wall, you will have the option to use it normally or to sabotage.

By sabotaging oxygen, the global oxygen bar at the top of the screen will lower. If you do this enough or sabotage larger oxygen stations, all Residents can die from having no global oxygen left. The trick here is that there's a separate animation for sabotaging and all players get notified that someone has sabotaged. You'll want to make sure you can follow up this action or convince everyone it wasn't you.

By sabotaging logs, you can stop other players from being able to pick them up. Logs reveal possible candidates for Personoids. They will say things like "There is at least one Personoid between the following…" or "These two players are in the same faction…" and then it will list usernames. It can be really compromising if you end up on multiple logs where it says there's a Personoid. Once again, there is a specific sabotaging animation that can give you away so you have to make sure you do it when no one is looking.

Personoids can also hack open doors by themselves instead of needing to do puzzles and repairs and can use Personoid Shortcuts. These shortcuts are fast traveling terminals around the map that allow you to move around the map quickly. Residents can acquire a Shortcut key to do the same thing.

How To Win As A Resident

You're goal as a Resident is to get rid of any Personoids before you shut down CAIN once and for all. You'll have to use logs and discuss with your fellow Residents to determine who the robots really are. After you feel confident, you can kill them. There are different tools within the game to help you figure out who is a Personoid and who isn't.

Logs give you a relative idea of who it could be, but to be absolutely sure you will need multiple logs and a scanner. Multiple names show up on logs, so acquiring more than one log per level narrows the results down for you.

Scanners are found within airlocks and tell you who is a Resident and who is a Personoid. This can be tricky because someone needs to hold open the airlock door for you and can trap and kill you in the airlock if they are not trustworthy. A corpse scanner can be found hidden in corners of the map, specifically the casino map. If someone has died and you want to be sure of their status, use a corpse scanner on them. These scanners give you an easy win since you don't have to figure out who is sus and can just scan people.

Global Oxygen

While you're figuring out who's a Personoid and completing the main objective, your global oxygen will go down. Global oxygen is refilled at every new level and diminishes throughout your time on each level. You can loot oxygen canisters in the game to refill the global oxygen or repair oxygen stations. Whatever happens, you'll want to complete the first objective and get out of there as fast as you can if your global oxygen is in the red and no one has canisters left. If all Residents from this and there's still a Personoid among you, the Personoids win.

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The Basics To The Repairs Objective

There are different skill checks and tasks players need to do to be able to access rooms or repair oxygen stations. Things that require repairing will prompt a quick time event. For this event, you have to hold down interact (F) while clicking at the right time until the progression bar is complete. While holding down F, press your right mouse button when the moving lines are over the greyed-out area that says Mouse 1.

For the Personoids Quarters level, you have to repair a lot. You'll have to find 20 computers and three generators to repair all while surviving from Personoids and oxygen deficiency. Computers are riddled all over the map and the ones that need repairing will be randomized each game. Look out for flying sparks, like in the photo above, to find them.

There are only three generators on this map:

  • One is in the main area that can be accessed by going up any stairs you find.
  • The next generator is in a back room that needs cooperation to enter. At spawn, you can hold off electricity on the right to let people in that way. The other entrance to this area requires a fire extinguisher.
  • The third generator is behind a locked door directly across from spawn. Two people will have to repair the door with a quick time event. Inside will be a larger area with more computers, a generator, and a bridge to cross toward more computers.

The Basics To The Keycards Objective

Every other map only requires that you find three keycards to escape. These keycards are color-coded and their placement is randomized throughout each map. You get a taste of this on the first level, but there's a difference. Keycard objectives on the second level will have multiple of the same keycards. You may find two reds when you really need a blue.

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All you have to do here is search every room and corner of the map for a blue, red, and green keycard. They can either be locked in rooms or sitting out in the open on a table. Each person can only carry one at a time. If you have an extra keycard for a color you already have, you can still insert it for extra points.

How Voting In First Class Trouble Works

During the airlock meeting, all players can decide who they believe is suspect and vote them out. If half of the remaining players vote someone out, they get put into the airlock where they will die.

You get extra points depending on what you do here. As Personoid, you get extra Personoid points for voting for someone else and for voting "Yes" at the end. Most players skip vote and say "No" unless it's crystal clear who the Personoid is, so voting for someone random can compromise you.

The last voting screen will ask if everyone believes all Personoids are gone. If every single player votes "Yes," the game ends. If a Personoid remains after a "Yes" vote, they win. The only reason everyone should vote "Yes" is if it's absolutely clear that all Personoids are dead and the game can end.

During this meeting, there is a random chance that someone's log may be shown to everyone. While playing, it's custom for everyone to read what their log says, and not doing so makes you suspicious. Whether you've hidden the log from people or not, it may be shown during the meeting. But there's also a chance no log may be shown even though all have been taken.

Escaping In An Emergency

If you don't know what's going on and want to make a quick escape alone, you definitely can. There is an emergency escape pod on each level that anyone can take. To use this escape, you have to do the quick time event you perform when repairing. This gives people ample time to stop you from escaping if you didn't sneak away quietly enough.

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Escaping this way doesn't allow you to win. The remaining people will still determine if Residents or Personoids win. Escaping does nothing but give you a few points and put an end to your time in the match. If you're the last Personoid and escape, Residents win. If you're the last Resident and escape, Personoids win.

The Last Level – Shutting Down Cain

The last level is where you should already have a clear idea of who the Personoids are. If not, there are two logs and one scanner here. To the left is a log and to the right, inside the airlock, is a log and a scanner. Both locations need cooperation to acquire, which is a risk.

These end logs will only have two people on them so that you can really narrow down who the bad guy is. If a Personoid makes it this far, they will have to kill everyone before logs are read or they get scanned. This map is very small and every location has water underneath it so you can easily drown people here. But because it's a small map, everyone will see you do it. All moves have to be made quickly.

After the Personoids are dealt with, someone must hold the last bridge open for everyone and shut down CAIN at the other end. If a Personoid shuts down CAIN with you, Personoids win because you failed to find them all. If the Personoids kill everyone during this last level, they don't have to reach CAIN and automatically win.

How To Use Found Items

There are various items you can find in First Class Trouble that will help you in different ways. During the first level, you can open a closet that will have up to two items. These items can be found around maps on level two as well. To select items, hold down E to reveal your inventory and hover over or click the item you want.

Items Use
Wrench Unlocks doors without needing a partner. One use.
Keycard Triangulator Locates keycards around the map by using a repetitive noise. Infinite Use.
Sprint Boost Allows you to sprint for a good amount of time. Infinite use.
Magnet Boots If trapped in an airlock, you won't get vacuumed out and die. Infinite use.
Shortcut key Allows you to use Personoid fast travel terminals. Infinite use.

How To Do The Picture Puzzle Doors

This is by far the hardest task in the game because it requires positive and efficient communication between players. The community has given each image a name that everyone uses consistently. Even if you don't think it looks like its given name, you should call it that so that everyone has an easy time understanding which image you mean.

Here are some names the community uses, following the photo above:

Empty toilet Kenny from Southpark or Squid Sunset or Upside-down toilet with poop Upside-down cookie jar Circle
Lolipop Target or bullseye A baby or guy in a chair Cookie jar Double-decker toilet
An earring Pacman Toilet with poop in it Upside-down Kenny Literal monster no one ever gets this one

If you're new or don't know all of the community-given names, your best bet is to explain the shapes instead of coming up with new names. Trying to relate the image to a real-life object that isn't a community-given name will confuse everyone. The easiest solution is to explain the shapes, which is a constant and not a subjective opinion.

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