Floppy Knights is an irresistible mix of Advance Wars and deckbuilding

Let’s be honest, a lot of games use deckbuilding. There seems to be almost no game mechanic that can’t be expressed through cards, whether that’s melee combat in Fights in Tight Spaces, citybuilding in Stacklands or summoning monsters in Black Book. There’s a deckbuilder for everyone. Floppy Knights, by Rose City Games, dedicates itself to a combination of my two favourite gaming genres, turn-based tactics and deckbuilding, with the cards both expanding and constraining your options with each turn.

You play as Phoebe, a young inventor who is taking her Floppy Knights out and about – these are digital creatures, saved on floppy disks, which do the fighting for her. Unlike in turn-based strategy games such as Fire Emblem or Into the Breach, a round doesn’t necessarily consist of movement and attack. Instead you can use cards for as long as you have energy, simple as that. But movement plays an unusually large part in Floppy Knights, not because you cover large maps, but because each map has points from which enemies constantly respawn. If you don’t keep moving to stay out of their reach until you’ve positioned yourself right and have the right attack in your deck, things can end really fast.

That’s also because losing your commander, your strongest unit on the board, immediately means game over. With this rule, Floppy Knights is even closer to chess than most tactics games. Carefully weighing risk and reward between going all-in with your best unit or potentially losing them is one of the big draws of Floppy Knights for me.


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