Gears Tactics ESRB Rating Suggests Xbox Series X Release

gears tactics

Gears Tactics came out on PC earlier this year, enjoying quite a bit of success, but the turn-based strategy game still has important milestones to hit. Microsoft had always intended to bring the game to Xbox following its PC release, and earlier this month, said that it would be coming to “consoles” this Fall, suggesting – perhaps unsurprisingly – that it would also be releasing for Xbox Series X alongside the Xbox One.

Now, Gears Tactics has received an age rating for its upcoming console launch, giving a much clearer indication that it will indeed be coming to both Xbox consoles. The game’s ESRB rating – which is generally identical to the one it received for its PC release – mentions both the Xbox One and the upcoming Xbox Series X as the consoles it’s coming to. Given the game’s targeted Fall launch date for console, it’s not surprising that Microsoft will be bringing it to their next-gen system as well.

Currently, Gears Tactics is available on PC. In our review for it, we said, “Gears Tactics works as a tactical game and a Gears of War title, merging the best of both into a package that feels unique.” You can read our full review through here.

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