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Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is in its Year 2 of content, with players finally getting somewhat close to the end of the story. In the meantime, the developers at Jam City have continued to release new content for Hogwarts Mystery to give fans even more tasks to complete and things to do while they wait for new story content to be added. The latest update adds the new Clubs feature while also letting players ascend to the rank of Head Boy or Head Girl for their respective Hogwarts house.

The Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Clubs feature is available to anyone that has managed to reach Year 1, Chapter 8. Players can join the Dragon, Hippogriff, or Sphinx clubs, with each having their own rankings, milestones, rewards, and more to earn. Clubs will also allow Hogwarts Mystery players access to new areas that they couldn’t visit before, as well as new in-game interactions with characters that weren’t available otherwise.

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The other big new feature coming to Hogwarts Mystery is exclusive to Year 6 players. The limited-time side quest is all about becoming Head Boy or Head Girl of one’s respective Hogwarts house. This side quest will include “a visit from an old friend” and will have players learning the history behind the Head Boy/Head Girl position. Those that manage to complete this limited-time side quest will be rewarded with a “special prize” for their efforts.

While interest in Hogwarts Mystery seems to have waned in terms of the general public, there are still quite a few dedicated fans who spend a great deal of time playing the mobile title, and are no doubt excited for the new content. The last major update came a couple of months ago when Jam City added a Battle Pass system to Hogwarts Mystery, though new story content continues to be released regularly.

The Hogwarts Mystery story has ramped up significantly in terms of plot development, as the game even killed off one of its major characters. Those who have stuck with Hogwarts Mystery are interested in seeing where the story goes, and it will definitely be exciting to see how it all wraps up once it reaches that point.

The question of what Hogwarts Mystery will do when it reaches Year 7 and players graduate Hogwarts has always been a question, and Jam City has yet to answer it. It’s possible that players will just stay in Year 7 indefinitely, but it’s also possible Jam City has something else in the works. Hogwarts Mystery enthusiasts will just need to stay tuned for more information, but considering how long recent Years have lasted, it may be quite awhile before more information is available.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is out now for iOS and Android mobile devices.

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