Hearthstone: Aggro Shaman deck list guide – United in Stormwind – Hearthstone (July 2021)


Our Aggro Shaman deck list guide features the best United in Stormwind deck list for Season 86 of Hearthstone (July 2021). Our Aggro Shaman guide also contains Mulligan advice, card combos and strategy tips.

Aggro Shaman is all about burning an opponent down faster than they can get on their feet. It’s all about damage and damage fast. If the game drags on, you are likely to run into some issues, but if you want to play fast and furiously, there aren’t many better ways to do it than Aggro Shaman.

Aggro Shaman has some wonderful tools for causing damage fast, casting powerful spells early, thanks to Shaman’s Overload mechanic. You can play something disproportionately powerful to other classes but having to pay for it a little later. However, if later never comes, your opponents will be under immense pressure.

The current version of the deck tearing up the meta is a variant of the Elemental Shaman list. However, it diverges from that more mid-range dek, with a more spell and damage focused approach. Based around Thrall’s own Doomhammer, this is the most Shaman-like Shaman deck out there right now.

UPDATE – United in Stormwind

Here is the currenty Aggro Shaman deck just before the launch of United in Stormwind:

Shaman Neutral
2 x Wailing Vapor 2 x Kindling Elemental
2 x Cagematch Custodian 2 x Gyreworm
2 x Diligent Notetaker
2 x Rockbiter Weapon
2 x Arid Stormer
1 x Instructor Fireheart
2 x Marshspawn
2 x Primal Dungeoneer
2 x Stormstrike
2 x Dunk Tank
2 x Hex
2 x Torrent
1 x Inara Stormcrash
2 x Doomhammer

Select and copy the long ID string below, then create a deck in Hearthstone to export this deck into your game.

Deck Import ID: AAECAdrGBAKczgOu3gMOk7kDmLkD4cwDp94DqN4Dqt4DjOED4OwD4ewDre4D4+4DjZ8Er58E/p8EAA==

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his is not a particularly complicated deck, but it is deeply effective. You are going to of course respond to your opponent’s plays, but the general idea is to use damage as much as possible to either go straight for their face or to kill their minions without them ever having a stable hold of the board.

The deck has synergies built-in, and fairly easy to consider win-conditions. Your plays from game to game won’t vary too much, but you do need to be verstaile, and wise enough to decide if there is more value in attacking a player directly or killing their threats first. If you are looking for something fast and furious though, this deck is for you.

Early game: The early game is not that complex. If you get a Kindling Elemental or Wailing Vapor on turn one, you are in good shape. If you don’t have a Doomhammer in hand, a Cagematch Custodian is also a great way to garuntee the weapon you’ll be searching for. However, try to play as many elementals as possible as several mid-game Elementals benefit from Elementals being played in the previous turn.

Mid game: This will largely depend on what the game is looking like. Gyreworm and Arid Stormer are great options if you played an Elemental on turn two. If you haven’t played one yet, a Diligent Notetake, as well as Marshspawn, will help you later on as you start to move into your spell heavy late game. Just keep applying damage and dealing with threats as best you can with Torrent and Hex..

Late game: Doomhammer. That’s your priority win-condition. Its versatile amount of uses and Windfury make it a stellar way to close out a game. Once you have the weapon, you can start stacking spells like Stormstrike and Rockbiter Weapon which will synergise with Doomhammer’s Windfury. It will not be hard to start doing 10 damage just with Doomhammer alone. However, if you can’t find Doomhammer, Inara Stormcrash achieves the same goal.

If you find yourself in turn seven or eight, Instructor Fireheart is a great late gameplay. Play here when you have a lot of excess mana to continue to play spells in one turn. She will help you close out a game if you need just a little more juice.

Aggro opponents

These tips will give you an advantage over the aggro opponents you come up against:

  • 1. Although you want to play fast, don’t be afraid to make worthwhile trades with your opponent’s minions in the early game to stop them from spiralling out of control.
  • 2. Aggro Shaman runs one board clear in Dunk Tank but it’s hard to activate it. Don’t be afraid to use some spells like Rockbiter Weapon and Stormstrike. While ideally, you want to use them later, you need to survive that long..
  • 3. At the same time, if you have a huge chunk of burst damage sitting in your hand don’t be afraid to go straight for their life total, as aggro decks don’t often run much healing – if any!

Control opponents

Consider these tips and tricks when facing control decks:

  • 1. Speed is the key against control, so play fast and aggressively to try and burn them down before they can stabilise the match.
  • 2. Consider the use of your damage spells very carefully. Do you need to use it to remove a minion, or would it be best saved as burst damage directed at their life total?
  • 3. Rather than steadily whittling them down, try to set up a big turn where you do a lot of surprise damage. If a control deck is put downlow they may make more of an effort to get out of lethal range and prevent you from winning.
  • 4. If an opponent slams a giant creature on the board but it doesn’t have Taunt or another impactful effect it’s usually worth ignoring it and going for face damage to try and end the game, instead of wasting resources clearing it.


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Aggro Shaman Mulligan guide

These are the card you’ll want to get in your opening hand when playing Aggro Shaman:

  • 1. Kindling Elemental: You can play it on turn one to set up a three-cost elemental on turn two, and activate any Battlecry triggers.
  • 1. Wailing Vapor: A threatening first creature. It can grow wildly if left unchecked and at worst, can cause your opponent to burn a three damage spell on a one-cost card.
  • 3. Cagematch Custodian: This will allow you to get a body on the field and a Doomhammer in your hand for later. That’s value.
  • 4. Diligent Notetaker: This allows you to use some spells you might be saving for later when you have Doomhammer like Stormstrike or Rockbiter Weapon

Aggro Shaman tips, combos and synergies

These are the card combos you need to be aware of when playing this deck:

– If possible save Stormstrike and Rockbiter Weapon until you have Doomhammer or Inara Stormcrash on the field. Because your character will have Windfury, you will be able to hit for double damage. This can get out of hand for your opponent, fast.

– For turn 1, if you have Kindling Elemental and Wailing Vapor in your hand, you have two options. You can play Kindling Elemental first and then also drop Wailing Vapor for free. The other option is to play Wailing Vapor first and wait a turn to play Kindling Elemental to give Wailing Vapor more power. This is especially powerful if you also have a Cagematch Custodian in hand as you will be able to play it on the same turn. Just decide if you’d rather have a more explosive turn one or turn two.

– Several cards in this deck have special activators if you’ve played an elemental card in the previous turn. Make sure you are getting the most out of Arid Stormer, Gyreworm and Lilypad Lurker by playing elementals. It turns them from decent standalone cards to superpowered ones that can help you out of sticky situations. This is why the first three turns are so important.

– Try to activate Dunk Tank by playing a Doomhammer or Inara Stormcrash while it’s in your hand. Its sweeping ability is really strong once activated. Hitting the face or a particular big creature for four and then dealing two more to all enemy minions (including the same minion if you used the initial four on it.)

– You don’t have to deal damage constantly. Instead, if you feel like you have time, stacking several spells in your hand for later use is a very strong finishing move. Because the curve is so nice on the deck, you often can save a lot of removal for later on. You can find later in the game that you have double-digit damage available to you for very cheap to close out a game.

– Don’t sleep on Arid Stormer. If you can activate its Battlecry, its Rush and Windfury ability make him very versatile. It can be used for instant minion removal or you can use Whack-A-Gnoll or a Strength totem to add extra attack damage to it. This allows you to do ever-increasing damage with the Windfury ability.

– Instructor Fireheart is a three-cost minion but is she is much better as a finisher. Saving her for turn eight or nine will let you cascade three to four spells to help you close out the game

Aggro Shaman card substitutions

Aggro Shaman is a relatively cheap deck and lots of its components come with the given Shaman deck. However, if you find you are missing some specific cards, here are some suitable substitutions.

  • Lightning Bolt: Quick three points of damage. Always going to be strong to apply pressure. However, be mindful, it can mess up your mana curve early on, especially if you have Elemental synergies you could make use of.
  • Serpentshrine Portal: Very good removal spell that gives you something in return. Can really change that state of the board. On turn three it is very good too as there are no really important four-cost spells to miss out on with the Overload.
  • Fire: Elemental: A very solid late game card. Removal and a big body. What’s not to love? It might be a little too slow for your likes, but a very solid card to beef out your late game.
  • Lilypad Lurker: While this gets close to the more mid-range Elemental Shaman deck, like Fire Elemental, it offers removal and a big body… if you’ve played an Elemental. If activated, it’s a really strong card as it even avoids any special defences like Deathrattle or Divine Shield.
  • Whack-A-Gnoll: Another staple from the Mid-Range Elemental deck. Offering three damage straight away and beefing up your minions. That’s value. Be aware though, this has anti-synergy with Cagematch Custodian, as Doomhammer will no longer be garunteed to be drawn from its Battlecry.
  • Menacing Nimbus: A classic. There is not much to dislike here. Get a body on the field, get an Elemental back. If you are looking to bolster your early game, this is an obvious substitution.
  • Thunderhead: Generates additional Spark minions when you play a card with Overload. There aren’t many in this list, but it represents some good value when used.
  • Lava Burst: More burst damage for the deck and a continuation of the spell chain with Spirit of the Frog at three mana.

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