Hogwarts Legacy fans concerned about quality after Nintendo Switch confirmation

Hogwarts Legacy on Nintendo Switch mockup

After a special PlayStation State of Play presentation on March 17, Hogwarts Legacy was also confirmed for Nintendo Switch. Not everyone is happy, though, as some players are worried that it may impact the game’s quality.

Following 18 months of long silence since its initial reveal in September 2020, Avalanche Software finally gave fans the update they were hoping for with a 14-minute gameplay reveal showing off school life, spells, and the open world.

Once the event had finished, the developer clarified on the official Hogwarts Legacy website that it will also launch on Nintendo Switch, alongside PlayStation, Xbox, and PC, leaving some concerned that it could run badly on the hybrid console.

Hogwarts Legacy on Nintendo Switch has some worried

After the confirmation, fans took to social media to discuss their concerns with Hogwarts Legacy on Nintendo Switch. Many were nervous that it could have graphical issues or even be a cloud version, which has been a divisive topic in itself, especially given backlash surrounding the performance of Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5+2.5 ReMIX.

“From the gameplay from the PS5 version, either it’s getting the Doom Eternal performance treatment (sacrifice graphics but still looks good and smooth gameplay), The Witcher 3 surprising result, or the dreaded Cloud?” one user posted on Reddit.

Others replied with worries about a possible cloud version, including two comments that read “Either native non-cloud or no sale for me,” and “It’s either gonna be cloud or the graphics will look so bad, it will be unplayable.”

Comment from discussion Zonnex_XN’s comment from discussion “Hogwarts Legacy confirmed coming for the Nintendo Switch this fall.”.

It should be stated that a cloud version hasn’t been 100% confirmed at the time of writing. Pre-orders for the physical copy of Hogwarts Legacy have also gone up for sale online which doesn’t rule out the possibility but does add more weight to the idea it will be Game Card-based.

And while the title obviously won’t run like the PlayStation 5 version shown at the event, many are hopeful that it will run well like The Witcher 3, which pleasantly surprised players upon release who expected it to have significant performance issues due to its scope.

Fans will just have to wait and see when the magical RPG releases in Holiday 2022.

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